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Full Version: Looking for your best scenarios. Will trade back and provide reports on yours !
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Hello ! After being a long time lurker on this forum, I decided to make my first postĀ regarding scenarios šŸ˜Š

I will be having a full weekend alone at home with a big equipment selection and I'd love it if some of you guys might chip in with some ideas or scenarios that you have tried in the past and went great (or even better, something new). I'm planning to do a marathon of scenarios (been in chastity this whole week in preparationĀ  šŸ˜‰ Ā ). For this, I'm willing to give a public feedback on how it went and also give an idea in return provided you ask me for it and present a list of equipment yourselfĀ .I'm mentioning that I've been practicing self bondage for quite some years so I'm familiar with the more "standard" scenarios such as the ones found on this site and other like it (boundanna for example)

Equipment list :

Clothes(cd) :

- Maid dress with stockings, bonnet and gloves
- 2 Nylon catsuits with genital/anal cutoffs (one with nipple cutoffs as well)
- Miniskirt
- Stockings (black and White)
- Garter belt
- Pantyhose
- Corset
- Bra
- Full sleeved PVC teddy
- Bodyshaper thong and an assortment of regular women's underwear
- Long satin gloves
- 4 inch heels

Bondage equipment :

- A variety of lockable leather cuffs for feet and wrists(+padlocks!)
- Metal handcuffs
- Coils of rope (5-10m sizes)
- Bondage tape (the kind that doesn't stick to the skin)
- Chastity cages (different sizes)
- Simple collar (D ring)
- Leather posture collar (D ring)
- Nipple clamps (varying from mild clothespins to severe clover clamps)
- Chains (various sizes)
- Leather blindfold
- Satin hood (eye and mouth holes)
- Leather hood (no eye holes, nose holes only)
- Rubber hood with insertable nose tubes (really restrictive, no eyeholes)
- Gags : normal ball gag, harness ball gag, muzzle gag, ring gag, lockable penis gag (small), special drool gag (google it šŸ˜‰ ... interesting concept)
- Zipties
- Materials found commonly around an apartmentĀ (duh.)

Toys :

- Magic wand (+penis attachment)
- Vibrating penis ring
- Exo handsfree masturbator
- Fleshlight
- Buttplugs (3 sizes)
- Prostate Massager (remote controlled)
- Dildo with suction cup
- Penis rings
- Bullet vibrator

Kinks that I would love included :

- Crossdressing, Tight and restrictive Bondage/Gags, Mild-medium pain play, Light anal play ,Scenarios involving looking for the key blindfolded, Complex multi-step scenarios

Thanks for reaching the end of this long post ! I hope we can get some interesting ideas in here and expand on them by being proactive with the feedback and tradingĀ  šŸ˜Ž