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Full Version: 2021 - your most significant events
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If you look back at 2021, what would be your most significant events or memories? Achievements? Successes? Breakthroughs? Wonders? Something what clearly stands out?

Should not be related to kinks or fetishes only.

The inspector

Making it to 2022.

I think that is a fair milestone…
Well, this gives me an unexpected opportunity...

My most significant event for 2021: Being diagnosed with gender dysphoria and beginning my physiological transition to female.

I've always had feminine taste, and even had a female persona online and in games for going on 25 years now. My biological father came out transgender back in 2013, which made me start actively questioning my own gender identity (which I did not realize was even a thing until about 3 years prior). Life and finances back then made me have to drop out of therapy. The pandemic and the onset of teletherapy opened the door to therapy back up and I've been able to stick with the same therapist for most of the year.

Started HRT back in November, and have been learning the struggles of women's clothing sizes very quickly. Suffice to say all the cross-dressing and other similar tips and tricks on this forum played a part in letting me express that side of myself in both fetish situations and now everyday life. 😊

I must admit that it's a bit odd when old fetish-related things you own suddenly become things you wear on a daily basis, like breast forms+bras, leggings, skirts, etc.

So yeah, that happened. Thank you 'Ra for the unexpected opportunity to come out to y'all. 😅

(I am contemplating another username change. Just need to figure out what I want to use.)
Birth of twins.
Got my wife kitted in long, shoulder length latex gloves.
Got a promotion and pay raise.

Happy New Year
My "events" are mostly related to feminization and "working with reality."

- For the first time in my life, I got my nails painted. And I LOVED it! I had my long nails painted for 3 months 24x7 (beginning from One problem - nail lacquer ruins nails... I still can't fully recover my nails since the end of June, and, as a result, no nail polish... 😭

- For the first time in my life, I had quite long hair ( And I loved it most of the time, however, I'm back to short hair again.

- For the first time in my life, I started taking phytoestrogens (Pueraria mirifica): two months first:, then pause, and again a week ago.

- I finally read "Reality Transurfing", what shifted my consciousness a bit (again). Highly recommended!

- I started experimenting with "more organic" food (sprouts, Moringa oleifera, Lepidium meyenii) and less "thermically processed" food, what allowed me to reduce my weight a bit.
It was a turbulent year, but all in all in a positive way.
Highlight was for sure the birth of my second daughter.
We'll see what there comes next 😉