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Full Version: After seeing Anne in her red pvc skirt...
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After seeing @Anne in her bondage video session and how wonderful that red PVC skirt looked, couldn't resist getting myself one, and here's the result!

Lovely! What kind of tights are you wearing?
(27 Mar 2021, 12:48 )latexballet Wrote: [ -> ]Lovely! What kind of tights are you wearing?
Thanks, I think they are 100denier, Wolford type. I used to have genuine Wolfords, but the heels split, so managed to find these on eBay a little while back, but cannot remember the brand, but they are lovely! Really high gloss look and feel, almost leggings in fact.

Glad you like them.
(28 Mar 2021, 01:04 )RedEmeraldKitsune Wrote: [ -> ]I was tricked for a moment before I realized it was a chroma key effect.
We are clearly on the same wave. I typed "Green screen or Photoshop magic wand?" then decided not to post it 😁
@RedEmeraldKitsune#20614  and @Like Ra#2 are you guys suggesting I'm not really in the warehouse?

😁  Of course, I'm not. 😇

A green screen, thanks to eBay, even affordable and a little jiggery-pokery via PaintShop Pro with the warehouse image as the background, and adding me against the green screen as a second layer, then using the background eraser on the green screen background, a little adjustment of the layer, positioning and resizing, and voila!
[attachment=46444] + [attachment=46442] = [attachment=46443]
Shiny skirts and green screen trickery! Two things I like 😁