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Full Version: Server Mini Storage
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Ra, suggested that I post this here. So here goes....
Seeing what big techs are doing, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon etc.....
I was wondering if it’s possible to put together a set of servers like that of a mini storage. The idea that each server would hold X amount of data just like that of a storage locker. Sort of like a cloud, but not a cloud.
I rent a software locker to store items for others on this site to see.
I set a locker code for others to view my photos and what nots.
For you to see my kinky stuff, I would give you a pass code. Then you or only you can view my locker. You can’t add anything or remove anything, just view.
Now this is just an idea, I know nothing on programming for the internet.
I program microcontrollers in hex. I repair circuit boards, from pinball games to golf carts. But not internet stuff.
The last internet thing I did was back in 2001 when I got a T1 access line and connected it to a modem, switch, 12 CS500 servers and a pair of CS1000 servers. This took up half of a full size rack.
It did work, but I couldn’t get it to work the way I wanted it too.

So the question is.....

Would something like this work?
Back in the day you just ran an ftp server somewhere and you can give people logins for read only or even allow anonymous access. Than can be anywhere from some cloud service, (virual) private server or even you home pc if you know how to setup your router etc.

This not decentralized but as long as you have a backup of your stuff you can easily setup the same thing somewhere else if it gets taken down. Downside is that people have to find you, nobody will get there by a google search.
This is true. The storage servers will not be accessible to anybody.
Here is an example that I was thinking about...
Instead of up loading a picture directly to a web hosting that may kick you off because you posted a rant about something?!!!
Just store the file or files into the storage and when you post something, say on this site or any other site for that matter, you just post a link. Or a restricted link, key required.
Like I said, it’s an idea. Something I was thinking about.
I was thinking more IPFS way.
I guess it go eather way. The idea is to get away from huge tech.
Another important point is the outbound Internet speed. Even 100Mb/s is not enough nowadays for a file/web-server.
True. Something like this will probably need a fiber optic connection.
Like I said this was just one of ideas that piped into my head the other day.

Ok, let’s say that I have two servers. One modem that stays on all the time, yes.... it runs off 24 volts dc, so the IP never changes. I have my pictures and videos stored there.
Is there a way for me, to be able to add a link (example 555.555.123.x ) to my thread or reply and when you click on it you get the picture or video?
I seem to remember we use to do that way back when dinosaurs ruled the earth
There is also LBRY:

It uses a blockchain so everything you publish on the network can not be deleted by anyone. and Odysee can moderate what they show on their website but as long as you have the address of what you want to see it will be there.

The disadvantages: since nothing can be deleted there will be a lot of things of questionable nature, like racist rants, extreme violence, revenge porn, etc... This won't show up on the website but if the larger public starts associating lbry with these things as it becomes more known it might reflect badly on you.

Major advantages are of course privacy and resistance to some tech giant pulling the plug on your channel. They also have a cryptocurrency but don't worry about that.
How about nextcloud ? It's self hosted cloud with pretty easy installation.
If you want to share pics (and possibly videos), have a look at Single File PHP Gallery. You only need a web server and PHP to run it.
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