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Full Version: Server Mini Storage
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(09 Feb 2021, 16:33 )blackest Wrote: [ -> ]nextcloud
Will have a look. So far I've been ignoring all cloud (and IoT) stuff 😁
(09 Feb 2021, 21:39 )Max515 Wrote: [ -> ]If you want to share pics (and possibly videos), have a look at Single File PHP Gallery. You only need a web server and PHP to run it.

The idea is to integrate "new cloud" with the existing forum. So it might work indeed via embedding.

At the end it's all about the money. The new solution must not cost more (or be less reliable), than the upgraded plan of the current solution.
nextcloud still requires own server and local storage, but can create shares that can be time based (never used it) and password protected
plus there is a mobile app that you can hook up to your own instance
You can always go with the lazy man's approach of just an Google drive or hard disk that has bitlockered folders that act like lockers and just nenew with a new password to deny access for someone.
(16 Feb 2021, 08:49 )Lancer Wrote: [ -> ]Google drive
Just 15GB for free, and Google can kill it a any time for no reason

(16 Feb 2021, 08:49 )Lancer Wrote: [ -> ]or hard disk
Connected to what? Placed where? 😉
That’s right. Google can kill it any time.
As a mini-storage, not even the owners of the mini storage knows what’s inside.

Yes, there’s pros and cons, but I thought it might be a good idea.
Sort of what a Swiss Bank account was many years ago.
I for other then bdsm reasons have a computer that has to remain permanently on(mostly just machining and printing), connected to the internet and that I idle for most of that time with a core i7 and a 8gb of ram and at least 300 gb free as I used to use it for Cad. I have been trying to use it for something productive for a few years now and hosting videos and images for this server is certainly better then nothing. That and the atrocious link rot that occurs here, could we snapshot all the websites and eBay sellers people put here to avoid the confusion later on. Also I have 1 gigabyte download with 500 mbps upload that is barely strained for most of the day. The biggest downside would be that I live in the US and I use coaxial rather then fiber so there will likely be higher ping.

For anyone asking about my 3d printer work it is coming along fine but I keep wanting to change parts of it to work better. Its a long process.
@Lancer - merged with this thread to keep all suggestions in one place.
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