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Full Version: well deserved treat for myself...☺️
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after a very long, tormenting, but necessary break, I was compelled to treat myself tonite for the first time in roughly 3 1/2 months, and it was SPECTACULAR!!! 😍😍🤯🤯 

Due to the issues bein caused between my wife and I, as well as a multitude of other variables, I stepped away from my new adventurous self and steered away from wearing pantyhose, or anything related, as well as any cross dressing at all. (Dont get it twisted folks, its been one of the hardest breaks ive ever taken from anything!) Anyhow, This afternoon on a sudden, and absolutely uncontrollable impulse, I bought a 3 pack of Size B Suntan L'eggs Everyday Support Pantyhose, found an animal print push up bra in the back of the dresser my wife and I share, and stumbled across this 'goodwill'-bought black dress that my wife had taken scissors to and altered for comfort lol. excused myself to our bathroom in the dead of nite, and proceeded to have a glorious, sex charged self admiration session ☺️ certainly not the best photos ive taken of myself, but hey, it was an improvised scratching of a permanent itch 😊


This only solidified my decision to finally order my pair of 6 inch stiletto heels 😉 gonna be aaaaaammmaaaaaaazing ya'll!