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Full Version: Self Bondage on a budget
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So I'm heading out on a trip this week, and I want to do some SB during my trip. I have a lot of baggage though, so I can't bring my gear with me. Is there a reccomended SB scenario with cheap things? (example: scarves, rope, shorts, pantyhose, etc...)

You can start here:
Then check
If it's not up to date (and it's not) have a look in this sub-forum:
Confused on whether you are buying or packing. If packing your best bets would be a few belts, a pair handcuffs and a blindfold and your personal stimulant of choice. If buying your best bet would be a roll of nylon rope at your destinations hardware shop
If your going by aircraft, I would ditch the handcuffs from my carry on luggage.