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Full Version: Audio/video files not working
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Is anyone else having a problem with the audio files in the Hypnosis forum? One conked out in the middle and when I tried to reload, I got a server error of some sort that I didn't think to note and then I was trying to listen to the Glam Model file and it kept getting five or so minutes in and restarting.

For reference I'm on Windows 8.1 (64-bit). Earlier I was using the latest version of Chrome, but I switched to Firefox because I had other issues with Chrome, so I'm now running the latest version of that. Yes, I have an ad blocker on, but I didn't have any trouble before today.
Just download them 😊

I think either the HTML5 tags are still not properly supported, or there are timeouts somewhere - and this is very tricky to troubleshoot, as there are no errors in the logs.
I think I know why streaming stops and/or loops after several minutes. It's related how MyBB works with attachments (MyBB was never meant to be used for streaming) and I don't think it can be easily fixed. An alternative is to upload files somewhere else on the site and embed into the forum, but it's only me who can do that. I'll have a look if the forum core and PHP config files can be tweaked to make streaming possible.
I allowed auto-loading metadata (not preloading the whole files). Currently, everything is working in Chrome. The most recent Firefox 87beta plays some files and refuses to play others - no idea why.