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Full Version: Favorite leotard and tights
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For those who wear leotards, what is your favorite manufacturer and style?  Do you like, shiny, ribbed, tank, short sleeve, turtleneck?  A certain color?  If you like to add legwear with your leotard like the classic look of the 80's aerobic era, what brand and style is your favorite as well?  Do you like thicker legwear, high gloss, certain colors like suntan?
I love almost all leotards, especially the really shiny stretch PVC ones but I mostly just wear regular, boring cotton blend leos because of my tendency to get really hot when I'm sleeping.  I also really like the feeling of the nylon/spandex blended fabrics quite a lot and velvet leos if it's colder at night.  Most of the ones I wear are Theatricals brand that I get from  They're extremely basic and relatively inexpensive.  I don't have a color preference but I suppose I tend to wear my darker ones more.  For daily wear style, I prefer a lower cut with cap sleeves and built in shelf bra; basically the kind that ballerinas wear or alternatively, tank style.  If I didn't over heat so easy, I'd probably wear mock neck leos all of the time.
I just love that 80's shine.

So I choose Leohex one pieces
and I have lots of custom made Agonswim suits as well.

For tights, it would have to be Platino Fata Luxe.
I personally prefer 80s-style thong leotards. I like them high cut, preferably around the waist, which I think is the sweet spot for me. Any higher and the leotard might flex when you're bending over. I don't usually wear them with tights or pantyhose, though.

I like to get my leotards/bodysuits custom made, so I can get some really unusual designs you don't normally find in regular dancewear or swimwear shops. Some of my custom suits have lace sides (to get a sort of lingerie aesthetic), or long sleeves with gloves and an attached hood.

Cotton lycra is my preferred material, versus the more common spandex. I feel that it's more breathable and feels better to the touch. If I want a tad more support, I would line the front with spandex underneath.
I recently bought this raver leotard which is really fun! If I go to a raver I could wear it, but since there aren't any now or near me, I'll just wear it for fun with a shiny metallic tight. 

I also bought this fun bodysuit but the leg cut is low cut which isn't as fun for me. 

I also bought two of these swimsuits in grey and pastel green. 

As of late, I've found some nice suits and leotards on Etsy. There are several sellers who custom make high quality dance wear. I had one girl make me a few unitards that were made very well. The patterning and stitching is top notch!