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Full Version: Cheap cock sucking machine
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Hi guys, i just joined, im not sure if anyone else uses a cheap goat milking machine and a cock pump tube for there pleasure ?
I do, and its the most amazing solo sex ive ever had and ive tried alot 😋
I spend hours nightly on random adult cam chat site.
cost about £80 all in better than a venus 2000 😊
to add for reliability ive used it for the past 2 years , pretty much every night, the timer is fragile but the motor is amazing, oh and so quiet
(01 May 2020, 16:51 )mali67 Wrote: [ -> ]cheap goat milking machine and a cock pump tube

Is it anything related to:

And welcome aboard!
ahh im sorry i did look for these, thanks
I can merge the threads. Which one do you prefer?
which ever you think better, but i think it is what it is a penis pump
Can you post some photos or links to what the whole construction looks like? I have no idea what "goat milking machine" is 😁
ive re posted in the correct place, with more info under penis pumps