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Full Version: Pencil skirt fetish
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(08 Jun 2021, 22:52 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]I'm pretty sure there's a corset under there too  😉

Not this time. 😟

[Image: 80ca22f4d5ce15d9g.jpg]
[Image: DFmNnJtXoAIJxsr.jpg]

(BTW skirt is photoshopped)
@d7i please upload the images into the forum - should something happen with the source (including hotlinking disabling) they will disappear.

This is how to upload pictures:
Pencil skirt fetish seems to be a very old one…

An old one….  😋
This pencil skirt goes into my #wishlist. The photos are very sexy, though kinda contradict each other and the photos uploaded by the buyer. I would prefer the "more matte" version, than the more PVC one. The reviews are very positive.
(12 Sep 2021, 00:10 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]This pencil skirt goes to my wish-list.

From the "You may also like" recommendations, if you want more of a hobble effect and color choices:

Wow, that shop has a lot of plus sized items. 😋
It's not quite the pencil skirt we are talking here, but very close, so posting here (might move the post later). This high-waisted PVC mini-skirt with laces looks very interesting - the lacing could reduce your waistline a bit. Need to find it on Ali...
Yes! This exactly!!!


Latex pencil dress and latex corset. Just like it should be:

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