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Full Version: Custom Size Leohex Leotard
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Yes. Glad I didn’t go to college.
Just a thought, and their pattern options are pretty limited, but Hiro Gato have some suitably amazing fabric and will tailor to your measurements (as well as having a pretty wide range of stock "male" and "female" patterns. I'll post a few more impressions in the thread they were commenting in, but delivery to the US for a full custom catsuit was about 5wks.

Might be worth reaching out to see if they'd consider e.g. a lower leg line, or a few other style mods.
(24 Jul 2020, 07:29 )unlocal Wrote: [ -> ]Hiro Gato have some suitably amazing fabric
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(24 Jul 2020, 12:02 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(24 Jul 2020, 07:29 )unlocal Wrote: [ -> ]Hiro Gato have some suitably amazing fabric
Related thread:
I've just posted my HG experience in that thread (it's how I first heard about them...) - was trying to post last night but local technical difficulties...
I would buy several as long as they weren't majorly more than normal price. I just bought one of there largest sizes and it unfortunately doesn't fit, more so in the height than the width, all though it could use being bigger both directions.
Custom Leohex?

The existing sizing is perfectly fine with me - however, I would LOVE to have Leohex stuff with the fabric nap in horizontal direction, rather than the vertical nap they have by default.

The nap is basically the tiny little ridges of knitted threads, so if you touch the nap up and down you can feel some friction.
From side to side it's smoother - so if they would turn the pattern of the suit 90 degrees, it would feel smoother
touching it up/down.
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