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Full Version: Userinfo on the left side of the posts
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In addition to user titles the following information is shown in the user field:

Online status (green/grey dot)
Amount of posts
Thanks received
Thanks given

Do we need to add or remove anything? For example:

The online status can be removed (will save some SQL queries)
The stars according to the user title are aeady removed (saved dozens of HTML queries and elements per page, along with some SQL queries)
Sex/Gender (removed)
Location (removed)
Joined can also be removed, and replaced, with, say "Last active"

Please have a look at your and others profiles (all the info is there), what in your opinion might be useful and should be shown by each post?

If needed new custom fields can be added.
I find "joined" and "number of posts" are quite informative, if I don't know a person.
Online status might be useful for people who like direct contact.
"thanks received" and "thanks given" are iffy, I think, because it is an arbitrary ranking. If I happen to like shiny pantyhose, I stand a good chance to get more likes than someone with a wool fetish. But it doesn't say anything about the "value" of the member. It is nice to give and receive thanks inside postings of course. But "thanks" is just as informative as the average number of words in a post.
Same here.
One line status... out. Not really needed.
Stars ... out as well.
Online status removed!