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Full Version: DIY neck entry latex catsuit
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Hi all,

So, a sad news first.  I was getting ready to make some photo to show you my home-made MTM chlorinated neck entry latex catsuit I build some month ago.  Unfortunately, I tore it down from the neck to my waist so, no photo this time, sorry.  Sad  😡 

But, since there was some flaws in the design around the neck, I guess it should have append.  The neck , was pressing on the front and loose on the back, probably not in the right angle too.

A bit of history here.  I'm not a patron expert but I did not wanted to just make a simple design.  I wanted the suit to be skin tight, a little smaller for hugness and as little "air area" inside.  Meaning places where, due to tightness, the latex cannot follow the skin and float over it.  I have this below the arm and on the back of my back with usual internet design.  I also wanted the leg/body line to follow my butt.  (Well, this part did not worked as well as expected as the line is too low)  So I decided to take inspiration from different non-latex designs I saw on Pinterest (danse body, swimsuit, ...) as well as the small amount of latex design you can find on the internet.  As this project is quite challenging on the details, I designed it using a start base from mr Doo's  latex stocking design made using Valentina/Seamly2D (an open source patron designe software) ans I extended it for the whole body.

The files are linked here for you information but keep in mind I'm not an expert and did some manual adjustment.  A Valentina design is supposed to be perfectly matching the entered body measure, it will probably not work everywhere.

Now the future.  I don't have enough latex to build one from the ground but I want to take the opportunity to adjust my upper body design.  So, I plan to make a new front body, neck piece, adjust the back and keep the arms, back and legs.  As anybody an advice on how a skin-tight neck should be designed?  As I did not found information this part, this was probably the most improvised part of my design so, even I believe to know what should be changed, I'd like to have some other idea on it...  

For those who want to dig into Seamly/Valentina.  My files will only open in Valentina as the latest Seamly was slow on curve editing my computer and it seemed that it's not update anymore, in contrary to Valentina (a fork of seamly) whose repository is heavily updated, if not the downloadable binary themselves.

I believe the following should be changed/knowed on my design

  1. It's a male design
  2. the butt line is too low for my taste so, I will (later) change it
  3. the back of the neck is too low.  I don't know if I mismeasured it or if its something else in my design
  4. the neck is eased by 0.9, I think it should be at least 0.95 to be comfortable on long wear
  5. There are 2 vertical line on the left part.  These where framed to check that the seamed line of the butt had the same length in the body and in the legs.  The 3 ones on the right have the same purpose for the arm/body seam.
  6. There is a cut on the back body piece, it's there to shortened the line as I have a bigger front waist line than back waist line.  This was the cause of the "air" on my back.  Thanked to this, I have much less air, still a little as my back is curved.  I believe I'll have nothing better.
  7. There is a zipper missing in the files for the butt/crotch.  I added it manually : 4way zipper to I can have a butt plug and my cock on the outside while not feeling the opened aire between the two which I hate.  You can start it from the high hip on the front but U believe it should go a little higher on the back as I can feel it when adding a plug.  It's a little too short.
  8. For the feet, I wanted a separate sock for long term, below normal cloth wear.  So removed the feet from the printing and made a foot line a bit like fantastic rubber.  I also printed knee-high sock with the original mrdoo's design, it's just perfect  😊
  9. When glueing, I made mistake : the front /back seam and the arm seams should be pointing in the same direction to avoid both seams to hooked themselves...
So, hoping you'll have some thought for my neck, I'll try to make a new design next month.  (I'll miss this suit while waiting...)

I also hope the chlorinated latex will glue enough.  I aeady repaired chlorinated clothing and I found it quite variable.  Sometimes, it's very strong, sometimes not but did not found what's the difference between them tough...
Wow, these Stockings look so good.
I really like the complicated Cut.
They look like they will fit really good.
Making a Catsuit with these feet is a big plan.
I tried to to glue Latex so offen, but it is soooo hard.
I can build nealy everything from steel,
Wood and also did some Leather work,
but glueing Latex is a closed book for me.
It is Art!!!
@no smile   Sorry that happened to your latex but thank you for posting the information anyway.
@Vacbedbound they are quite good but still not perfect :
- they are very good for heeled feet but not for "flat feet" as the latex curls on the skin
- there is still too much latex behind the knee but I believe it could be corrected buy making a dart (little seam) right on the back of the knee
Hi all, I repaired my neck entry catsuit this week.  As promised, some photo (bad quality, sorry) (you'll notice I prefer raw latex than oily shiny one...) :


I made a whole new front panel and neck.  Now, there is some color issue I have :  I did chlorinate it and of course, the original was aeady chlorinated.  Now, the old panel has greatly faded due to intense chlorination.  More, I attempted to prevent putting the whole catsuit in the chlorination bath and now I have clouds...  😟

For your information, I did the new glueing using only water based glue and it worked perfectly well on the chlorinated latex (just had to scrap it a bit with sand paper on the seam)

Now, I made the catsuit quite in a rush and ended up having some bad glued seam and some glue traces where is shouldn't be...  So, I'll add a new rule when making latex : take your time (even if you desperately want tot try it  😁 )

(End for those wondering, yes, I have the sock separated  😋 But I wanted to enjoy it for the day so 😉
Excellent fit! 👍

I paid lots of attention on the pattens for it.  I differentiated front and back measurement for the whole chest to achieve it 😉 .  There are still flaws but part of them are hidden since I reduced every "horizontal size" by 85% (except for the feet and the neck).  (I love tight catsuit 😋  )