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Full Version: Armbinder Bolero Jacket
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I just bought another of these "jackets" here:

It is worth mentioning, because, price-wise, it is in the mid-range, quality-wise, it is made from quite soft material, pu-like and fairly thick, which puts it into the upper range of plastic-based items. I have two more of these boleros made from cheaper material, thinner and not soft at all.

Sizing: shoulder width 49cm flat, length from tip to neck 81 cm, neck width 21 cm. For me, it is not tight over the elbows, so the final position is quite comfortable.

There are a couple of threads here about using this armbinder, but basically, use a string attached to the zipper. And during the first tries, consider having a pocket knife inside the bag too.
I learned to use this kind of device without any instructions, and I am still alive, but perhaps, I was just lucky - who knows 😉
Looks fun!!