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Full Version: Hi, I'm Natty
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Hi, this is my first post in this forum. I'm a gay sissy, I'm feminine and submissive, and I love when a strong man treats me as his gurl. I want to find other people who wants to talk with me about fantasies, hypnos, comics, and books related to feminization and maledom. Is anyone here interested in talking about these topics?
Kisses, Natty. 💓

These are the threads I've proposed:
Sitios de feminización en español:
Feminization Comics-Books-Fantasies-Tropes:
These are the threads in which I've participated:
List of hypnos from hypnotube: 
Some yes, some not really.
But Welcome. I hope you will Find this site wonderful and fun.
These are the kind of comics I love, they are about a club of forced feminization:
(23 Nov 2019, 22:01 )princesitanatty Wrote: [ -> ]forced feminization
Always interesting 😋
Are there threads in this forum about feminization books, comics, and fantasies? If not, can I create them? Where?
Another question, can I create a thread about "feminization hypnosis in Spanish"? Are there other spanish-speakers in this forum?
I just looked at the two links you listed. I remember a few links on super Chan a few years ago. The Magic of Skirts, one I liked, is almost the same as what you are looking for.
Yes, I do like things like that.
Please. continue.
(24 Nov 2019, 16:24 )princesitanatty Wrote: [ -> ]Are there threads in this forum about feminization books, comics, and fantasies?
Have a look in this subforum:
If you can't find anything related - just create a new thread.

Also, if you have magazine scans, please upload them in the Archive subforum:

(24 Nov 2019, 16:24 )princesitanatty Wrote: [ -> ]"feminization hypnosis in Spanish"
I would create a general "Hipnosis en español" thread, just like we have separate threads for German and Russian hypnosis (common threads for all genres, because of scarcity of non-English materials), but if you prefer to keep Spanish feminization separate - feel free to create your own thread.
(24 Nov 2019, 16:24 )princesitanatty Wrote: [ -> ]Are there other spanish-speakers in this forum?
Undoubtedly. Also from Argentina.