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Full Version: How long does your latex last
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I would like to pose a question to all the latex lovers on this forum.  It was inspired by this post from earlier today.  How long does your latex last you before it is unwearable or otherwise needs to be discarded?  How long did you expect it to last when you first got it?

As someone with a very strong latex fetish, despite the fact that it does deteriorate, I will always own latex.  I've got something like 7 individual garments (5 catsuits) and a few other miscellaneous items like hoods, gloves and stockings.  I've had some items deteriorate over the years from neglect but since my life has improved to the point that I'm taking better care of myself, I also take better care of my latex thus improving the lifespan greatly.  My oldest suit is from Remawear which went out of business in the 90's I think.  That's actually what is pictured on my profile pic. I got it second hand off of ebay so it's not been in my care for most of it's life but it's still quite functional.  I have had to patch some small holes on it though.

My first catsuit back in 1999 was one of those molded full catsuits (maybe Latexa brand?? can't quite remember) that were available for around $150 iirc.  I had to actually make breathing holes in the hood and it did not have a crotch zipper.  Since it was my first catsuit and I wasn't aware of how to treat latex, I would use lotion to be able to put it on rather than talc so as you might imagine, it ripped most spectacularly one day when I was just getting ready for some fun.  That's when I learned not to use anything oil based around rubber.  My second catsuit was a regular Cocoon catsuit, no hands feet or hood.  It lasted 10 years and that was even with some neglect in the form of not immediately cleaning it after use.  I had a lot of depression and apathy back then.

Anyway, I know it doesn't last forever but for me, the years of use per item is well worth the purchase price.
Ive had a cheap moulded long sleeve shirt just shred itself while I was putting it on.... one of my earlier purchases
The one I'm most gutted about was my BlackBox zip through cycling shorts, they were so easy to wear, but one day they just tore as I was putting them on 😟

Had a few issues with pinholes and small rips, but easily patched
Other than the two above I still have all my latex
I try to at least give it a rinse if not a proper wash after use, but sometimes its just been a towel dry!!
I did have to get rid of some "bloom" from a Silkyskin catsuit though.. obviously rushed that one... its lost its shine in that area.

Oldest latex... heading for 10 years probably
I've had some last one wear (really cheap crap, must have been B-stock) and have had some last years. Most important things to do with latex is clean well and proper and store carefully. Even when I haven't worn an item in a long time, I will take it and shake it out then store in some powder again.

Even then, if you wear an item constantly (like I did with some) the constant stretching will take effect and then rips happen. Sometimes that can be repaired, sometimes not (like the heel area on latex stockings... 😟 )
(12 Oct 2019, 19:34 )vanessa_fetish Wrote: [ -> ]Even when I haven't worn an item in a long time, I will take it and shake it out then store in some powder again.
Yep, that's the trick. And latex must be stored in such a way which will keep it well ventilated.

Make sure that you will wear the latex clothes, do not buy latex for "just in case", "I might wear it some time", etc, because it might suddenly decay even if you do not wear/wash it. Quality differs, "the country of origin" does not matter. I'm not sure if chlorination increases the lifespan in terms of decaying (not tearing, because chlorination greatly decreases the risk of tearing).

The record is 15-17 years. The anti record is a couple of years.

Oh! The inflatable gag I bought in Cocoon turned into goo in less than a year.
Like Ra, my inflatable gag from Cocoon didn't last that long!

Many many items of latex I have parted company with over the years.

The early ones were moulded ones from the various sex shops in Soho - mostly pretty awful, but some survived many uses.

The Cocoon catsuit I had tailored would have lasted an undersea adventure I'm sure - so thick and restrictive (i.e. nice!).

I think you get what you pay for - so the best items I had were from Libidex or Skin Two.

The Skin Two Jeans and shirts and swimsuits were superb and long lasting.

The Libidex Thongs and tights and bodies and Leotards never gave up being wearable.

Some colours are less reliable, Bright Orange is quite prone to sticking to itself and curling up at the edges. No probs with Pewter and Black.

Ah, I have so few items now. I mostly favour PVC and Lycra for my fetish 'moments' now.

And the storage is vital - always wash and dry and then either powder or polish with perv-O-shine - then store neatly folded and wrapped in tissue paper or cotton towels.

Did anybody have a pair of Latex high heeled boots? Were they good?