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Full Version: Electro shockers
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I have had one of those for a while.

Yes, the lowest setting does appear to be quite intense - certainly with new electrodes.
But I mainly use it with a different attachment that felt 'weak' using my other controller, so I have something acceptable.

Be careful with leaving batteries in remote control, they will run down after a few months, even with only occasional use.

I find the 15 minute cut off a pain - because you have to keep restarting, or you are relying on your partner to remember to restart it.

Also if you or they press the off button, it switched both parts off.
If you have the power pack all wired up an inaccessible under your zentai while you are secured somewhere & partner switches off instead of restarting or changing modes its disappointing.
Given part of reason for getting it is so the Mrs could make adjustments from wherever she is in the house (probably reading a book with a cup of tea) rather than having to wander to the bedroom...

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