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Full Version: How to organize collections
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How do you organize your collections? Any kind of collections: digital music, digital videos, CDs, DVD's, minerals, stamps, wine, magazines, pantyhose, butt-plugs, books, files, projects, images, tutorials, useful UNIX commands, scripts, programs, web-links, anything. 

I noticed, that I spend way too much time on searching. And too often I have duplicates stored in different places. Help?

For example, for audio files it's the easiest. They can be stored in folders (Group name/Album/Tracks), they can be automatically fingerprinted, compared with online databases and tagged, and they can be searched by tags.

For notes, links and projects I use zim . No automation, everything is stored in text format, tags can be added and searched, various plugins are supported, no automation though.
I have given up on putting everything in folders, just use some organiser or library software that uses tags. For fotos I use Shotwell.
Okay, On windows I do have my index in the file/windows explorer.
On *nix I use "locate" to find a file by name and find /home/krin -exec grep -li <search> \; to search in files


You see - I am not that organized at all.
(10 Jun 2019, 18:40 )Anne Wrote: [ -> ]For fotos I use Shotwell.
I've got Shotwell installed, but I never used it for the whole libraries. Just added a test one, let's see what it can do with RAW fimages and bulk tagging...
I also played with digiKam, the good think is that it shows photos on the map.

(10 Jun 2019, 18:43 )krinlyc Wrote: [ -> ]/home/krin -exec grep -li <search> \;
grep -R is another useful command 😉
I have a large lockable Husky tool chest, where I keep my fetish gear collection.

Inside I sort similar items (arm cuffs, gags, masks, straps, ...) into plastic bags.

But it is still a huge mess, I am always searching for something. I would love to have a walk-in closet just for fetish gear. Also for the ventilation of the goods. But that would require a house with a secret room. Maybe it will be a project for retirement.
(16 Jun 2019, 22:52 )kbzlace Wrote: [ -> ]Also for the ventilation of the goods.
True, this is important. Considering how fast latex degrades...

Hmmm... I've heard of the concept  Lol

Photos are sorted by year and, for non-fetish, then sit in folders appropriate to the month... and that's about it.

Fetish related photos have a totally separate section, also sub-divided by year with further sub-folders for each session or theme. I don't tag any images.

Clothing and gear is worse - I've tried time and time again to sort out some kind of organization but ultimately everything always ends up in a hap-hazard pile in one of two lockable holdalls. 

Shocking isn't it? 
No wonder I spend the first hour or so of most sessions sorting out the bits and pieces I want to use!  😁 

So far the best image manager I could find is digiKam:

The best features:

o- It's VERY versatile
o- Everything is kept in a database, but the tags and additional info can be saved in the images themselves or in separate files
o- If GPS info is embedded, it shows the cart
o- Face recognition (but it does not detect the same person, something to improve)
o- Duplicates search
o- Quality sorter (takes time to analyze and it can fully load all CPU cores)
o- Lots of tags, labels and search methods

Now I need to figure out how I can have several instances of digikam DBs: for family photos, my kinky photos, and prOn collection 😁
Was looking for free autotaggers and uploaded a picture to Here's the result:


Rating - safe - good! 😉

Some tags were "guessed" correctly, though: brown hair, two girls, green eyes, brown eyes.

Can't say it's useful...
Imagga is even more off:


But the rating is still safe!
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