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Full Version: Captured Taboos
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Here are some older shots of Captured Taboo's 'Pleasure Suit' under construction:


The suit is now updated with a transparent housing for the mechanics and a connection to the mask, wonderful!

Check out the video of the 'Advanced Mechanical Device' on their website too. It's an exercise macine adapted so the only way the user can breathe is to work pistons connected to an pulsating inflatable butt plug.

Not sure if I understand how the suit works but it looks absolutely mindblowing!!! Somehow similar to what the guys from House of Gord make. But I like the Captured Taboo stuff more.

The last set reminds me of this picture: See the bottom right one (asphyxiation-36).

And that brings us back to this discussion (about the self-bondage suits):
Quote:Not sure if I understand how the suit works

As I understand it the breast cups have nipple vibrators and are attached to the larger pump which alternately inflates and deflates them (see the two inlets/outlets?). The smaller pump inflates and deflates the butt plug which has had a vibrator added too. The pumps are housed in the grey containers to limit the amount of air they can move. Yet another vibrator is in the bulb you can see at the model's crotch in the 'red catsuit' pics.

It all looks like great fun to me.