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Full Version: Timer
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I see all over this site people using timers with their vibrators....where do you get those. I need one that you can program for different on/off time settings
Strange you ask that. I have been looking for the same thing and came up with nothing. The only think I could come up with was an old egg timer with a switch, and a pair of wires to the vibrater. When the timer reaches Zerg, the switch closed and the vibrator kicks on.
I remember seeing an alarm clock with wires connected to the face and minenit hand. I think it’s in the art section.
So, these kind of timers, Electric timers on Amazon, are all over the place. They even sell some of these kinds at my local grocery store.

And then there are these power strips that I have not yet tried but have been interested in. The one I linked seems to be programmable as it apparently can connect to wifi which indicates the possibility that you may be able to log into it (kind of like logging into your internet router) to program the outlets, but that's just a guess on my part. It also seems to have a smart phone app that can connect to it so you or someone else (not necessarily at your home) can remote control the vibrator over the internet.

Warning, this next spoiler content is for people that are knowledgeable and comfortable with electrical and electronics. Please don't even attempt this unless you know what you are doing.

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