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The boots and the jacket have arrived and I'm very happy with both. The jacket's a bit longer than I expected but it fits me and for under £7:50 I'm not complaining 😊 


The boots are exactly the over-the-knee right shaft height and are very comfortable, albeit with a very 'chemical' smell. Their platforms make the 14cm heels effectively about 11cm which is about all I can wear for any length of time these days. Nice that the 'retail price' on their box was over twice what I paid too.


Not too happy with the wig vendors, their Ebay listing said they were in the UK  and then they emailed me to say there was a problem because my address wasn't formatted properly. I replied that I've used it on Ebay for twelve years without anyone having any problems and they wrote back that there was something wrong with the zip code, which of course we in the UK don't have. They claim to have sorted things out now and mailed it but it's going to take another week to be delivered from God knows where. Certainly not the location given on Ebay which is an hour's drive from me.

Some of the earring beads have arrived too, more are to follow along with stick-on diamantes in the next couple of days, I'm really looking forward to seeing what the boots and jacket look like glammed up 😊
I have to say I'm astonished, I have my wig despite having been told to expect it in a week's time 😊 I have no idea what was going on with the supplier's admin people.


Speaking of astonishing, I was looking for Cher makeovers videos that weren't caricatures and found one by someone named Meagan Eby. This is sweet.


]Makeup Transformation | CHER - YouTube[/url]

Edit, this is a lot of diamante, 960 in fact.

I'm not at all sure the clear rhinestones work, I think they're going to have to come off 😟


Or is it the lighting? Or maybe there just aren't enough though? I think that might be the problem, I've ordered another three packs.
There can never be enough of shine and sparkle!
On the positive side only four of the rhinestones dropped off overnight, I'd been worried about how well they'd stick. Also the nude camisole leotard liner that I've bought to draw Cher's tatts on arrived with some spare clear plastic shoulder straps which will be useful. I can use one to replace the black strap on my 'Single Ladies' one-sleeved leo, something that's always irked me 😊

Quote:There can never be enough of shine and sparkle!

You're right. I've tried the boots on and I think they work better than the jacket. But they have more rhinestones, relatively. 

I've been working on the long dangly earrings and gave them a test with the wig. All I can say is that the wig has a mind of its own, either that or it's inhabited by the spirit of Her Cherness 😊
It just won't stay where I put it.

Quote:...some spare clear plastic shoulder straps which will be useful. I can use one to replace the black strap on my 'Single Ladies' one-sleeved leo, something that's always irked me.

Edit: I just made a test and my single sleeve leo works fine with no second shoulder strap at all 😊
Now to test my tattooing skills. I've decided not to risk drawing directly onto my 'nude' catsuit, OK, it's a bit of a compromise but I don't want to potentially mess up too much.

My tattooing has ground to a halt as there don't seem to be any clear enough reference shots out there to work from. I've joined a Cher fan forum but I've had to post a request as all their links were dead too. Listen to Ra, upload your pics!

Here's a work in progress shot. There's still not enough bling on the jacket as I haven't done the yoke yet, also Cher's has some red and purple sequins in the mix too. 

Edit, I've found all the tatts but the big one now, I might need to improvise that. I know it's flowers and a butterfly...
I was practicing styling my wig today and got to a point where I could put on the earrings and play about with how Cher'y I could look.

Boing! Assembling a costume often isn't very interesting for me, my excitement usually only builds as the outfit comes together. But for some reason just putting on the big hair and earrings made me incredibly horny. Even thinking and writing about it retrospectively has the same effect 😊 I have to wonder, do the Cher impersonators who's pics I've posted before have the same feelings? Imagine going out on stage with that mindset...

Here's what I was wearing, if it has that effect on me with just jeans and a tee shirt I can only imagine how intense wearing the entire costume is going to be! Oddly enough, laid on the floor they're just costume parts, it was putting them, styling the wig etc on that was so exciting.


Edit: Apologies for the number of edits but I'm having trouble describing just how profound the feelings I experienced were.
Thanks for the like Ra, I realise this is a bit of a niche market 😊

As I wrote, out of the bag the wig looked untameable. But I persevered, comparing what it looked like to reference pics and slowly it all came together. When I added the earrings something clicked, all of a sudden I had the TBT Cher look down and Boing! I imagine thirty years perving over the outfit all came to the surface at once...

I look forward to the same thing happening when I do the makeup 😉 It's a costume that keeps on giving!
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