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Full Version: Anything funny?
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Just for anything you find funny. Please try to keep fetish related humour in the corresponding fetish threads, though 😉
Pinterest decided to subscribe me to "Spanish humour".  That's what you can end up with if you simplify the orthography and let all "unnecessary doodles" (no pun intended! 😁 ) out:

Whoops, target missed.
I like the girl's face expression. It's like:

Tag cloud from (an educative site on sexual health and relationships). Each word is a separate tag:


Where are you, Dr. Freud? 😁

The inspector

Thought this was quite funny.


Apologies if this is in the wrong place Ra!
I love Davie:


Remember that joke about a musician, who was making a mistake over and over again? (The sound engineer: "Maestro, just play all notes, I'll do the rest").
I saw this the other day, but it was titled "Everyone Needs A Smart Friend". 


Old but always funny! 


The inspector

Made me giggle.


For the Lego fans amongst us. 


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