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Full Version: Hypno-fetish art
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I wonder if this approach works?

(13 Jul 2023, 07:30 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]A hypnotic theme for today's post:

[Image: post_14_1689229654_fa39cec6f8f626e39438e..._thumb.png]   - virtually controlled, really in trouble?

[Image: post_14_1689229654_82a9347518a7c970938ee..._thumb.png]   - didn't your mother warn you about staring at the TV?

[Image: post_14_1689229654_efbe4ee5a5ff927f15f38..._thumb.jpg]   - the trigger?



It does - cross-posted as @Like Ra suggested - TBH I'd forgotten all about this thread (hypnotism is not a thing for me), despite contributions I'd made earlier.

So, enjoy... again  😁

(13 Jul 2023, 12:07 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]hypnotism is not a thing for me
Yeah, it was not for me either. It's to be avoided. Must be recognized, though, like all manipulation techniques.
This is exactly what I meant - self-bondage should be combined with hypnosis (deep forced feminization, of course 😉)

(07 Mar 2021, 00:21 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]It's a long one from deleted Sleepymaid's site:

Love these, were there many more at sleepymaids?
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