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Full Version: Hypno-fetish art
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A few more, two of them are GIFs, so watch and be warned
Is he a real furry, or was he hypnotically transformed to a rat?


The back-seamed pantyhose and the leotard are real though 😋

I like the first image. I even feel the tightness of  the latex hood pressed to the face by the locked (of course)  compact VR goggles.
which girl are you?


That's the proper hypno-training gear!

Yeah, hypno-bimbofication is a meme!

[attachment=42765] Animated
While this pic from CommanderRab isn't quite hypnosis-specific, it can certainly help provide some inspiration for an "optimal listening environment."

(Gotten via Patreon. Y'all should really give him a subscribe. Great stuff just at the $5 tier alone)

I am definitely going to have to give it a go sometime here soon. 😁
It's a long one from deleted Sleepymaid's site:

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