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Full Version: Genital bondage
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Does anyone fancy bondage for the genital parts… literally?
I've used superglues* and various kinds of tapes ― my current favourite being the Micropore surgical tape, which adheres strongly, does not cause sweat accumulation, is cheap and very flexible and is skin-colored and can be acquired from regular pharmacies.
Motivations include keeping the clothes and skin dry and neat during excitement (also during sleep), and of course the excitement itself deriving from the sensations and from the infibulated looks of the area.
Years of doing this has expanded the surrounding skin such that not even the tightest bonding hurts anymore.
I wouldn't buy expensive chastity items, and they don't accomplish the same thing anyway.
This kind of bondage can also be worn under clothing all day long without anyone knowing (that is, unless you need to take a leak), and it only takes a few minutes to apply or remove.


*) Not as dangerous as it sounds. In a skin that sweats sooner or later, consumer-grade cyanoacrylates stick for a dozen hours at most. It cannot however be removed from hair without removing the hair itself. Do avoid inhaling the fumes while it cures (takes just a few seconds) ― this is important if you apply it near your respiration orifices…
To be honest, I'm not quite sure I fully understand what you do. You are saying: "it only takes a few minutes to apply or remove", then: "cyanoacrylates stick for a dozen hours". Do you use it as a sort of chastity device to prevent climaxing or a sort of a condom?

BTW, I did play with glue (I used rubber glue to stick pantyhose to my skin).
The latter kind, I guess. Never has prevented climaxing, despite the contorted shape in which it forces things.
After "dozen hours" it does not hold anymore. It is just little nuggets of cyanoacrylate crystals. But it can be removed any time just by pulling apart. The skin separates without harm (unless hair was mixed in), but it may still be dry glue coated.
Aha, so the next question is how you do it precisely. Do you glue the foreskin? Or you use tape to hermetically close it and glue the tape to the skin?
I usually close it in layers: glue/tape the tip of the foreskin shut (or even the glans), then pull more of it (pushing penis in) until you have enclosed the previous point with skin, glue/tape that shut, etc, maybe three times or so. Stop at latest when you've reached the limit of how much room remains under the skin for penis to expand to. (Otherwise you risk problems due to blood flow obstruction.) If you only used glue, tape the final edges together to secure it, because otherwise the glue lets go too easily when the parts within start exerting pressure.

I guess this is borderline BM, but it does involve bonding and the same feelings of excitement through tightness and incapacitation.
Aha, I see now. What worries me is
- "blood flow obstruction"
- hydraulics
- tissue ripping (also because of the hydraulics)
- quick release should the pain becomes unbearable or in the case of injuries (also because of hydraulics)

Probably I have the worries because of lack of experience.
(22 Dec 2009, 15:52 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]quick release

Scissors cut tape (provided you can get the scissor blade underneath), tape can be peeled, and glued surfaces can be peeled apart (though if hair is stuck between, it's rather painful).
EDIT: Also, if you did not seal the tip of the glans, the natural lubrication tends to dissolve the adhesive of the innermost layers of almost any kind of tape.

The others are valid worries. Has not been a problem for me, though. Your mileage may vary. (E.g. I never have had very voluminous emissions.)

If you insert a catheter/peeing tube and seal it in place, you can keep the bonded state longer because you don't need to undo it for hydraulics related reasons. However, note that if you damage your urethra by scratching it (happened to me a few times), there is no escape mechanism from the pain during urinating. You need to wait until it heals, which takes a few days. (In my experience, it is nearly impossible to seal a tube securely though.)
Interesting... I wonder how this method can be used to prevent masturbation. E.g. pull the bound shut penis backwards (between the legs). Also it will create a "feminine" look (e.g. pantyhose + swimsuit).
(22 Dec 2009, 16:14 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting... I wonder how this method can be used to prevent masturbation.

Easily, at least if you can "submerge" the penis beneath the base of its skin. Though the treatment in itself is quite stimulative.
I don't know that much of male physiology in general, just my own, so I don't know if what I'm suggesting is impossible for some people. (I have read someone else's story years ago so I know that at least some people can do it.)

EDIT: Note that each brand of superglue has its own composition and traits, despite the list of ingredients almost invariably listing just cyanoacrylate and nothing else. Some are runny, some are gelous, for instance. Gelous ones are easier to apply effectively. Always do a test to learn the properties of the glue -- how easily and how long it sticks, what does it take to remove it after different lengths of time, and how the different areas of skin react to it (beware of allergic reactions), before doing serious bondage play with it. Tapes are safer and more predictable.
There is a glue used by the First Aid to close small wounds. I wonder if it can be bought in regular drug stores. But I think it's a kind of a cyanoacrylate.

Many-many years ago I used to have a medicine grade rubber-like glue called BF-6.
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