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Full Version: Partners involvement in your fetish and how to tell others
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I've not been on here for a good few years.
However, my partner has always known I have a fetish for catsuit and lycia. I told her very early on that ilove seeing her in lycia and she has been very accommodating, with her swimsuit and leggings been worn by her whilst we have had sex. We have one or two that we use but not that often.
Things have been hectic recently and we have spoken about getting to a nude beach but if hasn't happened as yet. So today I was at home, had to clean the car, it was warm and sunny and our property is enclosed all around and not overlooked. I ended up getting my shorts a bit wet and thought I might as well change, then I had the thought of why not just go naked.
That seemed a little flat, so out with the two cockrings I know she likes me wearing and that was it. Now she is at the office this morning and I know she'll be leaving soon and the usual phone call from her as she is on her way is imminent.
So purposefully lock myself out of the house, but leaving a key in maximum jeopardy just in case, she calls and I aeady have a snapchat of me lying on the house steps wearing only the two cockrings. I answer and ask if she's only and send the snapchat. I then tell her I've locked myself out on purpose and can't wait for her to find me.
After an agonising 20minutes waiting she arrives home and finds me as I was.
She smiled and called me silly, but she is now looking forward to us both getting on our catsuits and smallest micro swimwear in the outside world.
Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but I saw the title and felt it extremely relevant. My wife and I decided to get back together here recently, and as my previous posts have detailed, she's ALWAYS been extremely supportive, and encouraging, and just all around the most amazing woman Ive ever laid eyes on....she indulges every single one of my absolute wildest dreams and then some!! She pushed for me to buy my first pair of heels, she often insists on letting me change into pantyhose and a dress, and even wears them herself, when appropriate, And even when not so appropriate lol or comfortable for that matter.....anyhow, what I'm getting to is...I love crossdressing in general, centered around my infatuation with pantyhose, but I saw something on eBay couple weeks ago that peaked my interest a great deal, it was a transgender breast plate with round collar, C-Cups, and I'm sorry but I was memorized....I've got no interest in going transgender, my fetishes and sexual interests don't go that far, but I ordered them anyway cause I was honestly curious, and thought why not.....after getting them in the mail , and trying them on, I told my wife about them, and asked if she wanted to see them, 🤔 nothin could be wrong or that it wasn't a good idea......needless to say, she was horrified at best, and did not take it well at ruined any interaction in the bedroom henceforth, and she's distanced herself and had the worst attitude towards me, almost as if she's just disgusted 😔

Does anyone have any advice or helpful input that could possibly turn this around for me? or have I potentially ruined my marriage because I was curious, I'm so distraught and upset, I haven't the slightest idea what to do, nor do I want to lose her...

thank you all for any input
What did you order ???

Uhhhh… yea
Crossdressing can be fun for both parties, but when you start buying stuff like boobpkates and vigana looking shorts, you better talk to your friend about that first.
Example… I look great in this outfit. Too bad I don’t have a nice set of boobs to go with this outfit.

What you need to is to get her to suggest, that you need to get a set of falsies. If suggest it, then she’ll accept it. If not, you could lose her again.

Girls are funny. They don’t mind you wearing dress and stuff, But boobs???
Well then you’re not a kinky guy, but maybe a transgender???

Just my take. I wish you the best.
Just looked at what I think you ordered.
Yeow…. Cost that much?

That’s going to take a lot of fancy chocolates and flowers along some very nice dinners.
Make her an apology cake or breakfast in bed.

And dump that thing in a box and fife it in a mini storage. Just Get it out of the house.
(02 Sep 2023, 08:48 )thehuntsauce Wrote: [ -> ]Does anyone have any advice or helpful input that could possibly turn this around for me? or have I potentially ruined my marriage because I was curious, I'm so distraught and upset, I haven't the slightest idea what to do, nor do I want to lose her...

Hard to really gauge the situation from a distance, but I assume that you have told your partner in no uncertain terms that this was just a fun purchase for playing dress-up or adding to your existing gender-bending co-play, and that you do not have any desire or intention reaching further than that?

I could see that she could draw a line between some fetishy fun and the fear of losing her partner because his actions could project the idea or desire to push towards a transitional process, however in-depth it may be.

As with all things, talking about it (well, better beforehand, but that point has passed) is the only way to deal with it.
Unless the lines of communication have aeady been severely impacted and can not be mended.

Look to sit down and clear the air, express clearly that this was supposed to be a "fun" addition to what you aeady had going and in no way is it an expression of your desire to change anything beyond that.

If she expresses discomfort, you probably shouldn't pry and ask her to justify that discomfort. If she wants to discuss it, fine, listen and listen closely to her. If you can't come to a mutual conclusion, agree to getting rid of the new toy - because after all, in this case, it's all that it is, a toy, albeit probably an expensive one.
Or is it more to you and you don't quite want to admit to it? That's important for you to decide.
You two still together?
12 years ago, I told mine everything. They were supportive, curious & happy for who i was.
11 years ago, they told me im a worthless loser & they replaced me by a real man.
10 years ago, we got divorced, they have lived in another country with offspring ever since.
Present. They have blocked all contact.
(15 May 2024, 20:32 )brandynette Wrote: [ -> ]11 years ago
11 years ago, how long were you together? 7-8 years?
(15 May 2024, 20:47 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(15 May 2024, 20:32 )brandynette Wrote: [ -> ]11 years ago
11 years ago, how long were you together? 7-8 years?

2 1/2 years married 3 something together.
(15 May 2024, 22:09 )brandynette Wrote: [ -> ]2 1/2 years married 3 something together.
OK, so it's not the usual 8-year-crisis. Could be even better, that it happened earlier... Still ... my true sympathy. Finding perfect relationships is not easy even without any weird kinks. Though, miracles happen. E.g.
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