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Full Version: Hidden heels to wear outdoors
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You can get rubber ferrules for walking sticks or hiking poles - the ones I have used have steel washers in them so your stillettos will not penetrate the rubber.

I used them so as to not damage the floor when walking in high heels! It raises the heel by about 1 centimetre, but is not extreme and should serve your intention well.

Have a look on eBay. They do not seem to be expensive. I'd go for the small sizes.
(01 Feb 2017, 11:01 )Max515 Wrote: [ -> ]I don't have the tools or materials to build that.

If you have pointed heels, then go to your local hardware store and some of those rubber caps that can fit small table legs or canes.
Fit them over the heels.

Get a small rubber ball, and poke a small hole on one side only. Slide that over the heel.

There are ways to do things without tools.
I'll try those ideas.

Shoes arrived yesterday. Size is OK. 40 would have been too small. But the heels/wedges are so small I barely notice them while walking indoors. I didn't measure but I estimate 4-5 cm difference between platform and heel. The heel also seems more narrow and short at the back comparted to the pictures. I think they use the same wedge size for many shoe sizes and at shoe size 41 the wedge looks small by comparison.
Tonight I'll go for a walk outside, see how they feel.
I went out after dark. There were street lights and few people around. I tried to avoid them. Nobody said anything and nobody stared at my feet. 80% chance nobody noticed anything unusual. 90% chance nobody noticed I was wearing girl's shoes.

The heel... is a whole different sensation while walking. Didn't seem high while standing and taking a few steps around indoors. But outside, while walking, I get tired a lot faster compared to normal shoes.

So I decided to get tired even faster. 😊 I bought insoles for heigh increase. +3cm or +5 cm. See pics. Last two pics are +3cm, and +5cm.
+5... wow... What is the total height of the heels minus plateau?
5 cm shoes heel, +5 cm added. I can't tell how thick is the plateau. I measured from the rubber edge up.

I went out again today. I chose a dirt road crossing a field. The road is used by tractors/harvesters/etc. No agricultural activities at night, so nobody was around.
I used the maximum height for the shoes. I had difficulties with the velcro - the top one was not long enough - it barely closed. I walked for 1h then turned back. 2h walking total. The road being in a poor condition and dark, I stumbled more than once. Now one foot hurts, the other doesn't. I hope it's nothing serious. 😟
Another seller has shoes with hidden high heel and mostly inconspicuous look (if black):

Sneakers with hidden high heels

These have laces (much better than velcro!) but I don't like the shiny leather.
Saw this post in the "related" section after updating the "Showcase your high heels" thread, and realized I've a thing to contribute!

Was able to get a lift kit essentially from Amazon for rather cheap:
(If there's an Amazon affiliate link for this forum, I welcome any necessary modification by the powers that be)

Put these inside of pair of side zip boots I bought at Walmart, and I've been wearing them out in the open during the few outings I've had to make in this pandemic.

If I had the guts to pull the ball gag under the mask thing during my outings, it'd be an experience for sure.... at least until I needed to go hit a drive-thru for something. 😅

Although, now that I think about it, gag speak sounds a lot like an old drive-thru ordering box so they might not notice a difference..
I believe I have the exact same height increase insoles. +5 cm high heels by using the insoles alone is too low for me now. It feels like no heel at all.

Last winter I took a 5 km walk on the streets late at night wearing the hidden wedges above and the insoles (5 cm shoe wedge + 3 cm insole). It was great, but there is room for improvement:
The air cushion on the insole feels wrong. I prefer something solid, something that feels like a true high-heel. Also, shoes don't fit well with insoles fitted inside. My heels are almost outside of the shoe.

The next step would be to cut the sole on some old boots and fit the remaining part on true high heel shoes. The high heels would be completely covered by the old boots on the outside. The difficult thing is to keep the resulting fake boots from moving up while I walk, revealing the high heels inside.
(06 Jul 2020, 15:41 )Max515 Wrote: [ -> ]The air cushion on the insole feels wrong. I prefer something solid, something that feels like a true high-heel.
Sounds like a job for some wood carving. Get wooden inserts, put them under the existing insole, and you're good to go.

(10 Sep 2020, 17:29 )berenika Wrote: [ -> ]Therefore, if you are comfortable with what you always wear, then why not continue wearing what you like? I think, it's just amazing to be who you are.
This thing just made my day a little bit. Makes me want to go out for a lovely elevated stroll. ☺️
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