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Full Version: Hidden heels to wear outdoors
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I've been thinking about going out for a walk in high heels, but there is a problem. Where I live, there is no place I can go out without (the posibility of) being seen.
I wear size 41, but I feel comfortable with women's size 40. So my first option was to buy myself some mountain boots size 43. Inside i can hide a women's wedges size 39 without anyone seeing I'm wearing high heels. The problem is that the narrow heel started to cut through the sole of the boots. Not a viable solution for more than a few meters walk.

Any other ideas on how to hide high heels?
Longer pants leg?

If the heel is cutting through your boot,
Then place a peice of steel in the bottom of the boot.
I don't think a heel will cut steel.
I knew, thatΒ @Tinker D will respond πŸ˜‰
I aeady tried with a jar lid. It doesn't stay in place. After a while it moves to the side and the heel is again pressing directly on the boot. It might work if I nail it or glue it to the heels, but then my significant other will find out. 😁

I was looking to buy some chinese sneaker wedges that might not be so evident in public. The problem is most of them have a narrow back side and is very evident that my own heel is not where it should be, but somewhere higher. Longer pants will not help in this case. There's only a few models that are wide at the back. Something like these? What do you think? Will anyone notice if I go out wearing them?
Those would just look perfectly normal with suitable length trousers.
Most people don't look.
(31 Jan 2017, 08:27 )Max515 Wrote: [ -> ]Something like these?
These look cool.

Pity these ones will be too obvious:

[attachment=21935] πŸ˜‰

Sporty and should look nice with latex or latex-like leggings and a t-shirt ;P

Oh yeah, was dreaming... 😁
OK, they are on their way. Size 41 black. I hope will fit. Size 40 was out of stock in black, don't want blue, and 39 might be too small.
Ok, you tried a peice of an tin can.
You do need some peice of something cut to the shape of the boot that is hard enough to prevent the heel from cutting through.
You will also need a heel pocket to keep the shield and heel in place and not move when walking or running.
I don't have the tools or materials to build that.
Men on almost hidden heels can look very cool:


That's Redouan, a fantastic Belgian dancer.
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