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Full Version: Thickness vs neck entry
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I could not find anything about this via google so I decided to ask straight from here.

Many shopping sites have the option to select the thickness of rubber fabric and with- or without a zipper.
What if I decided to buy an over 1mm thick (or more) catsuit with no zippers for example. Would it still be possible to get it on? It often says neck entry if you select with no zippers.

I once had a 0,4 mm thick rubber leotard with zipper in back and the collar vas so tight I may not have get it on or off without opening the zipper.

Does this mean that the collar in neck entry suits are made more flexible for getting in or is it still the same as it would be with a zipper?

This brings me to this strange conclusion.
Can I actually buy myself a thick rubber catsuit with no actual way for getting it on?
This would be an interesting option for example if I'd like to add a sealing mechanism myself or to put myself into a great challenge. Hah hah 😊

Best regards,
Tristan Lumme
In principle yes it's possible to buy any suit configuration in any thickness. Latexcatfish certainly offer it.
And reading through some of the reviews there is at least 1 guy who complained that he could not use his neck entry suit that he specified and bought at 0.6mm as it was too strong elastically
For a neck entry I suspect anything thicker than 0.4mm is not really a 'solo' option.
0.6 & 0.8 are possible with help, 1mm or more would be difficult even with help.

That said if you did have help and wanted to do so enforced wearing, once in you would only get out when the other person was willing to help... or you reached for the scissors.
I have read 0.4mm too, seems to be the standard opinion. Suits with neck entry have a neck width, that should be suitable, provided, that the body width matches "normal".
If you want to lock yourself into a suit, get one with a lockable zipper, lock it and destroy the key.
(06 Jan 2017, 20:33 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]If you want to lock yourself into a suit, get one with a lockable zipper, lock it and destroy the key.
This can also be an option: