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Full Version: how to shave
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For the guys here who shave their private parts, how do you shave them?
These are my finding:
with the grain of the hairs: ok shave, no ingrowing hairs afterwards, the itch when the hairs start to grow to a certain length is almost nonexistent.
against the grain of the hairs: smooth as a baby, the feeling is soooo good. Ingrowing hairs afterwards, the itch after 2 days drives me mad.
Do you guys use other techniques? Findings please if you do.

I use a gilette razor.

Does someone use hair removal creme?
For the "delicate parts", I shave when I'm in the shower. I have a 2nd, older five blade razor that stays in the shower. When my new blades are too worn out for facial duties they go to the shower. Only takes a few seconds to "clear the forest" and since I shower every day there's no significant regrowth.

With or against the grain? Whatever way gets 'em. 😊
"Veet" or something for sensitive skin 😉
I pluck hairs out, one at a time.
It took me months, but I do sport a very nice V

My leg hair is almost gone.
definately use hair removal cream burns a little but very smooth