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Full Version: Sub-Shop is back
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A while ago, Sub-Shop annouced closing and actually did. I happened to see an image of one of their models tonight and it linked back directly to the shop, which apparently is in business again. I have never ordered from them directly, because I found similar stuff in Germany, but they have always been a good source of inspiration:

I owe them the discovery of the "bolero armbinder".

It seems, that they have a nice choice of armbinders in various styles. Perhaps worth taking the hassle to order from US, despite high shipping cost, custom fees etc.
Hm, I did not know there were going to close...
They have great stuff for inspiration and new item I could search in other stores because as Strappado said, high shipping cost. Thanks for the info
Sub shop prices are astronomically inflated even without shipping and stuff. Almost all items can be found for pennies on aliexpress.