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I have a nice tip for a cheap airtight entry ... just get a cabel canal in the wanted length from the hardware store, it has a "U"-shape, perfectly to click a round ooden rod in it. Don't get a too tight rod/canal combination considering the material thickness of the sheet

In profile it should look like this

[Image: post_8947_1486259518_82c5558ef09f57d3397..._thumb.jpg]

It has the following advantages:

- very cheap
- easy to make
- easy to use
- pretty airtight
- could be useful for more safety while self experiments

I used this mechanism several times at the end of my pvc-mattress-vacbed and it works perfect. If you lift your feet, the sheet will pull the  rod out of the cable canal and it will open easily, without destroying.

I was experimenting with many sealing methods like using tape or applying a ziploc (from vacuum bags). Nothing worked better than the rod/canal combination.

With a little practice its also easy to apply this to the outside of the pvc bed from inside.
@vacuum_experiments How big are your videos if you save them in webm format? We can try to upload them directly in the forum.
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(03 Nov 2015, 23:21 )vacuum_experiments Wrote: [ -> ]You have an idea of another website I can put my videos in ?


I use Xtube and it seems fine (and its free) - I know other forum users have their favourites such as Vimeo, Pornhub, Xhamster and so on.

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