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Full Version: Oops or getting caught
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I was complaining about that fact I didn't get my laundry done, so I'll be stinking up the truck if I don't get it done. The guy I was working offered to clean them for me. So, off went the bag of stinky clothes and thought nothing of it.

When the clothes got back, my buddy stated that his wife found my pantyhose in the bag along with my skirt???


Anyone else has an oops to share?

Not self bondage, but forgetting what you have in your laundry bag.
so he dont know your a tranny..

sowhat he dose now..

i dont get the problem
(14 Jun 2014, 03:19 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone else has an oops to share?
Many moons ago...

When my wife and I stayed at my parent's place we would make sure that I had only packed female underwear... this would make my mother (who liked to bundle everything up and do one big wash) sort the washing by size not gender. We would act as though everything was normal... While trying not to kill ourselves laughing at her as she tried to figure it all out.

Sort of a oops on purpose ....