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Full Version: Unpleasant drink- Release mechanism
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I've been doing self bondage for years. I seem to go in phases, going long periods of time in between getting into it. I'm going through a divorce now, and its a good time to get some real and safe self bondage going again. I will most likely be building a box for a sort of a strict caged self bondage with an electro magnet release. Before building anything I am doing my research. I was on Wikipeda

looking at there release mechanisms, and I read about the unpleasant drink form of release. This is the first time that I have not been able to figure out how to do something I have wanted to...

I would really want to figure out this unpleasing drink release. Any ideas would be helpful.
To be honest, I haven't seen any reliable "drink to be free" release methods. However, you can combine self-bondage with forced drinking (with lots of precautions, of course). You can find some examples in the Ideas and Completed sections. The basic idea is to use a gag connected to an enema bag and/or piss condom.
Do not overestimate your abilities and test while unbound.
I have been giving some thought to how an unpleasant drink release could be done. I want to run this idea across everybody and see if you think it is feasible before I try to build something. Here is the idea:


Enclosed container - like a spill proof cup or a sports bottle
Aquarium air hose - like what is used to connect air pumps to filters and such


This method will be used to provide a set of keys once the liquid has been consumed.

A pulley is placed above the location where the bondage will be performed. A pulley is used in order to decrease the amount of friction in the system.

The container is filled with whatever liquid and placed out of reach of where you would be bound and preferably in a lower location, for instance, if you will be bound on a bed, the container should be on the floor.

The air tubing is inserted into the container and fixed into place such that the end of the hose is near the bottom of the container, but in such a way that any suction will not allow it to stick to the bottom. The hose is long enough so that it will reach where you will be bound. This hose is what is used to drink the liquid. Since the container is at a lower position, the liquid will not run out of the container without providing suction using your mouth. The end of the tube is secured in a location where you can get to it while bound and not allow it to fall out of reach.

A string is tied to the container and then goes up through the pulley and tied to a set of keys that can release you. Sufficient weight is also added with the keys such that when the container is 3/4 empty the weight will be enough to lift the container and lower the keys.

Now for the keys to be lowered you must drink enough of the liquid that the weight of the container and liquid is less than the weight of the keys and the attached weight.

Your thoughts?
From what I understand the mechanics, the weights (liquid and keys) must be much heavier than the pulley, right? Otherwise the system will barely move.

I see no reason why it can't be done, but technically it's not quite easy, because you must have a reliable system of points, rods to secure the blocks, container, tube, etc. It should be rigid yet easy moving.

I would replace the pulleys with a simple lever, like in your water lock ( The tube has to probably be tied to the cord (or rod) supporting the container (since it must not move relatively to the container).

So, yes, it can be done.
I am not much of an artist, but I thought I would make a diagram that might explain the idea a bit better.

In the diagram, the container can be anything that prevents spillage, A sports bottle comes to mind, since it is fairly well closed in and many of them aeady have a straw that will extend down near the bottom.

A string is then tied to the bottle, goes up and over the pulley. Keys and weights are then added to the other end of the string such that there will be enough weight to be able to lift the empty bottle (or about 3/4 empty since the straw will not allow you to get all of the liquid most likely) The pulley itself could be hung from an eye hook or some other anchoring above where you will be bound. The pulley should be well oiled so that it moves as freely as possible, since the weight to lift the bottle and bring down the keys must overcome any friction in the system.

Tubing is connected to the straw and goes to where you will be bound, this gives you the means to remove the liquid. As long as the bottle is lower than you are, you cannot start a siphon to siphon out the liquid, you must use suction from your mouth to remove it. Ideally the container should be placed where it would not be within your reach, thereby preventing you from trying to pour out the contents. By using a reasonably spill proof container, it is also not possible to pull on the tubing in an attempt to knock over the container to drain it.

I hope that this clarifies the idea a bit better.
The more I think about it, the more I like the idea. Need to test my gags. I wonder if I can suck through them.

I may set up two different release systems. One my "usual" based on the ice-timelocks "set" for, say, 5 hours. And this one with a "descending" knife.

I think two blocks are needed to keep the bottle at a distance. You need at least 50cm, right? A lever would help here. Also with balancing weights.

That means I need something to hang the system from. Thinking ... thinking ...
Yes, More than likely two pulleys should be used, then there is no friction of the container having to rub against something, like the bed you are laying on, plus no chance for it to get caught on something.

Now with some confirmation that the idea is feasible, I will see if I can take it from the theory to an actual device. I just like this idea more than the paint cans I have been using lately for my emergency releases, at least this should not provide much of a mess to clean up, just drinking a whole lot of nasty stuff! eheh
Imagine a piss-condom connected to the same bottle with a tube. The more you pee, the more you have to drink ... (devilish smile)
(20 Jul 2010, 20:04 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Imagine a piss-condom connected to the same bottle with a tube. The more you pee, the more you have to drink ... (devilish smile)

Wow! That is devilish!! eheheh
How about a slight twist on the "bucket of oil/paint" emergency release?

Place cup filled with something nasty on a shelf high enough that you can't reach it with hands cuffed, but you can drink from the straw in it.

Fill cup with something you might not like drinking, but would be even more reluctant to have spill on the floor.

Put key in the cup, right at the bottom.

Cuff hands behind back.

Drink the contents of the cup, every last drop!

When it is empty, knock it down to the floor (you did use a non-breakable plastic cup, didn't you??) where you will be able to sit down and retrieve the handcuff key.
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