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Full Version: Tattoos.
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Turn on or turn off?
Off. Same about piercing. I do not like irreversible body modification. But I would prefer to get rid of the body hair (plus head, minus beard & moustache).
Now with polling
ON for sure! Within reason though. Too many and/or in the wrong places is a turn off.
What about Reinhard Gammenthaler? 😁

That's a bit too much. Not a huge fan of full body ink.
A small, discreet, tattoo is ok – but large or full body inking is a huge turn-off. Similarly with piercings; there is something appealing about a simple ring or bar through each nipple, but when there are dozens all over the body I lose interest. Overall a turn-off.

I see tattoos as body hair, dirt, scars or other skin imperfections. However a full body tattoo I associate with a some kind of clothes or a natural animal skin. And none of them turns me on 😉
Just to point out that while I started the thread the poll is Like Ra's.

I deliberately avoided adding a poll because I'm more interested in why people think the way they do than in their numbers 😉
Having tats and piercings (just nipples now but putting eyebrow ones back soon) I'd be a hypocrite if I said they were a turn off. That said, I think only face tats would be a turn off for me.

I've also learned long ago that to judge someone just by the looks is wrong. I've met lots of persons for instance with say for instance scars and other skin imperfections and they were a lot more nicer than a good number without. Some of my best sex partners have had scars, missing teeth, eczema, tons of tats or a lot of piercings.
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