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Full Version: DIY electronic selfbondage cuffs
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Steel yard maybe?

More like a steel fender washer.
1/4 " I.D. 2" O.D. Steel.
No washers will not work, because of protruding bolts/nuts. It need to be something massive and flat with a "blind" (not going through the plate) thread on the bottom side.
Go to a machine shop, and let them make some the way you want them. It ain`t expensive !
At $75.00 per hour???

I can make them myself.

And by the way, we here in the USA, have these bolts that are tapered.
Once installed and tighten, there is no bumps.

Square steel plates are 2" x 2" by 1/4 thick.
Here in Holland it ain`t that expensive. I work in a machine-shop myself 😉
Seems to me that you should be able to find a cheaper shop the get them made
It shouldn't be too hard or expensive to get the size needed cut. Lots of places to get it done, and just a matter of checking for perhaps schools to get it done even cheaper.

Still, most places have the tapered screws and can get the washer sizes big for it. Maybe for self bondage we don't want a ring too big, in case of residual induction sort of thing (think I have that right, where the metal is still magnetized even after the power source cuts off...)
The residual magnetism will not be a problem here, because it's not that strong. We are talking handcuffs here, so you can always use some force to break free, should the battery be close to the "discharged" state.

The plate should look like this (cross-section):

||_____I I____||
Ok, like a bottle cap, a freeze plug from an auto shop.
(18 Mar 2014, 01:24 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, like a bottle cap, a freeze plug from an auto shop.

Yes, something like that:


but with flat and thick bottom. Thick enough to make a blind hole with a thread.
Ok, try this.
At a fancy restaurant, they have these post with rope connecting between them. In some placer, there are magnetic break-away.
1/4 inch bolts with eyelets.

Maybe those would work.
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