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Full Version: Futanari (girls with cocks) art
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(14 Jul 2014, 11:30 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]What did you think I liked?
The cock is great for anal play, but useless for deep-throating - too thick 😁
(14 Jul 2014, 12:05 )culmor Wrote: [ -> ]Ouch.
This is what happens when you are not wearing tights!
(14 Jul 2014, 13:23 )culmor Wrote: [ -> ]I should be OK then...

A few more Chun-Lis:

Love outfit #2 (Blue with Tan is a fav of mine, you tease! 😋 ) and really like drawing #1 (some of the legs in the others are way too muscular - FOTD for me)

Quote: ...some of the legs in the others are way too muscular - FOTD for me

To each their own, I love women with muscular thighs. A threesome with Venus and Serena Williams would my idea of heaven...

Edit, actually I can't fit into the Chun Li costume. I bought the largest size China had to offer but it's still too tight across the chest even without falsies in. And I'm only 1.68m and 73 kilos, I sent about twenty measurements but still they messed up. Grrrrrr, the thing is it was so cheap paying to ship it back would cost more than I paid for it. Frankly I don't know why I still keep it, any more weight I lose would be from my gut, not my chest and for some reason it zips up past my midriff.
(14 Jul 2014, 16:11 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]way too muscular - FOTD for me
Same, I do not like girls with exaggerated muscles. Visible muscles are OK (think of yoga, for example), but not overdone.
two more for your delight

[attachment=11825] - futa on futa action?

[attachment=11826] - futa in focus


Seems a long time since I added to this thread, so....

[attachment=12030][attachment=12032] - cross-over from the Bound-men-in-feminine-clothes-and-femdom-fetish-art thread

[attachment=12031] - forced futa deep throat

[attachment=12033] - the best App ever? (gif)

[attachment=12034] - nothing quite like a bit of bondage

[attachment=12035] - pantyhose and futa? Yes please!

[attachment=12036] - it's those futa girls again, taking another 'selfie' 😁

[attachment=12037] - fantasy futa (apparently female Orcs - really?!)


(01 Aug 2014, 09:36 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ][Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=12031] - forced futa deep throat
Yyesss!!! This girl!
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