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Full Version: Futanari (girls with cocks) art
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'Futa maids' seem to be a fetish in their own right judging by the amount of artwork - some examples from Manning for your pleasure:


If I ever had the money I'm now in a dilemma - do I spend it on a mail-order Asian bride, Futa Maid or Real-doll?

Ahh, you only live once - I'll buy all 3, and maybe one of those Russia internet lovelies as well 😁

I think scat is absolutely disgusting but if I were in that situation I think I might take one for the team...
[attachment=10369] something rude
[attachment=10370] something exaggerated
[attachment=10371] something sensual
[attachment=10372] something embarrassing

Futanari pin-up! Not bad, eh?
BTW, was this one aeady posted?

google image search says no
EOTD for this one too...

(10 Mar 2014, 13:34 )culmor Wrote: [ -> ]EOTD
I like this acronym 😉
Deanna Troi and Beverley Crusher seem favourites for futanising (along with Chun Li) but a lot of the pics on the web leave me cold. The earlier one was instant boing but these are the best of the rest, I'm posting them on the grounds that someone here might like them...


Janeway/Seven of Nine futa anyone?

I wonder how the Borg do " it " ?

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