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Full Version: how to get used to a bigger plug
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Hey there ppl. i am just wodnering if u guys got some tips on how i can get used to my new plug. the first and only one i had before this was the standars SMALL plug in silicon, and now that i have gotten the new one it's quite a change beacuse i can bearly get it in and i cant have it in more than half a minute. this one is also inflatable but havnt tryed that yet. the thing is i wanna get used to wearing this so i can wear it for exaple a whole day during work or weekends. any tips? i also had a harness shipped together with this plug and it would be so awsome if i could use it all together
Cab you post a photo of your plug?
I don't think it's safe to wear them for such a prolonged period of time. You may get to the point where instead of waste building up for excretion it may not build up at all and just decide to come out on its own.
This is the one i got not to many days ago.
There is no photo of the actual plug. In any case, do not force anything. If only a couple of cm can be inserted, wear the plug under a one-piece swimsuit, that will gently "lead" it in. Then go to bed and relax 😉

Oh, yes, do use lube.
Oh yeah. I see that now. Can add pic tomorrow of both my plugs. And ofc i luse lube and lots of it 😊

[attachment=9180] [attachment=9181]
Here is my plugs. The biggest is the new and inflatable ofc
OK, just as I thought, then. That swimsuit trick should work. Do not inflate it until it's completely in.

One note: taking out such a plug is usually much more painful than shoving it in 😉
ok i got no swimsuit but as i understand i will just insert the tip of the plug and use alot of lube ofc under a swimsuit and i guess beacuse the swimsuit would like to get skin tight instead of stretched out it would push the plug in ??? something like that or?

also for others reading this. posting pictures with an Smartphone it a hell of a job haha. i posted the pictures above with my smartphone and it was not easy getting them into the post
You can also use tight pantyhose. The idea is to create a constant pressure on the plug.
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