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Full Version: Are you married? Do you live alone?
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Are you married? Do you live alone? Or do you live together with a girl/boyfriend?
Married, but she's in London, UK and I'm in Montreal. So technically separated, but kinda more than that lol. We agreed to just be "bestest friends". Staying married so that should I pass on she gets my veterans pension.
Its odd, but I live with my parents. Jobwise up to now there wasn't the real chance to leave and I split up this summer with my girlfriend (together for 5 years, even engaged for quite a while, but...).
But for me its somewhat frustrating, because some things I cannot do as long as I live here.
LoL I'm the only one who answered "I live alone" 😟 I've been talking to a chick tho that I could see being serious with. We'll see how it goes.
Not married, never will get married, spent 7 years living together, before she left, she couldn't handle my "weird" fantasies any longer, now on girlfriend number 2, also on 7 years, and she isn't very accepting either, I don't know why I still keep her on....maybe its just for company, beats loneliness.

Girlfriend no2 seems to be staying because I can provide a comfortable life for her.
(08 Dec 2013, 23:30 )Atsta Wrote: [ -> ]spent 7 years
(08 Dec 2013, 23:30 )Atsta Wrote: [ -> ]also on 7 years
The magic 7 years. Classic. 3 months, 1 year, 3 years and 7 years. 7-8 years is the most difficult (in way too many cases - catastrophic) period for a married couple.
If I find someone to settle down with I'm not even going to mention it. If she wants to get freaky w/ me in bed, or asks me leading questions, that's awesome but I'm not going to push anything. Being in a relationship with someone who loves you and is reliable is a lot more important that trying to fulfill some fetish.
I only do things (date, whatever) with those who share the same interests. I refuse to be ashamed of what I like and who I am. Denying our desires, likes, etc, leads to unhappiness, which means the relationship will be unhappy eventually, as at least one partner is not having his or her needs met. I see it constantly and have done peer counseling where this is the biggest issue.

Everyone I know is aware of who I am, and aware of my kinks etc. Even family. If they don't accept, that's too bad, because my happiness is important.
(09 Dec 2013, 16:56 )vanessa_fetish Wrote: [ -> ]because my happiness is important.

Yes absolutely - You only get one life if your lucky so live it and be happy.
I've been lucky and have been married over 20 years now... My wife accepts all my kinks... even misses them if I loose interest for a while.
Married with my boyfriend for almost 10 years now..
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