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Full Version: Crotch-rope and plugs
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I found that on the plug, and crotch rope. first just take a rope, put around tie it tight in front, run it down, between legs, and with plug in place, bring rope up back go through the rope in back, and for getting plug pulled in better bring rope back through, again over the plug. and tie off in front. you can really jam the plug home. Then if you like do the crotch rope deal with another rope. but you got the plug, even a small one jammed in tight. and you can wear it all day, do any thing, go any where. and that plug is not going to come out.
(13 Mar 2009, 13:43 )boundsam Wrote: [ -> ]Then if you like do the crotch rope deal with another rope.
Not quite sure if I understood you properly. Do you mean another crotch rope? One to keep the plug in, why would you want another one?

To add to the topic. There are plugs with a built-in small ring at the bottom. The crotch rope can be pulled through that ring.

Another possibility is the DIY plug. But don't make it too big.
I never seen a plug with a ring at the bottom. well I find on the second rope, you have the plug in place, but by using a second rope you can give it a harder push. also if one rope does slip you still got the back up. I am just using a small plug anyways. I had a big one, but it got lost like my bondage hood.
There is another method I never properly tried. Imagine a dildo inserted in such a way that ~4cm of it sticks out. The total length should be within the "manageable" size. The crotch rope should make several turns around the shaft of the dildo.

In this case your body movements will move the dildo inside of you. In the ideal case the dildo/butt-plug should have a hole (not a ring).

BTW, I've changed the subject to "Crotch-rope and plugs". I think it's more appropriate now.