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Full Version: Site access blocked from some public places
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I noticed that is placed to the nudity and pornography categories on OpenDNS. What means the access to it is blocked from some public access points and companies.

Here's a couple of questions.

- Does anybody have problems with it?
- Does anybody use anonymizers/proxies to access
- Does anybody need a dedicated proxy?
- Bobbi@ttbm uses HTTPS for his whole site. SSL certificates cost money, encryption eats resources and not cacheable. But the traffic will be encrypted. Does anybody want encryption?
Up to now I didn't have any problems accessing the site on several racetracks via the networks there, I can only remember in Spa/Belgium there was a problem.
Over the HotSpot stuff from the german Telekom it works perfectly.
In the emirates your site is blocked. Buit I haven't tried to use a proxy

You can get a year of VPN from Private Internet Access for $40 USD. I use it and I've had no latency issues, and I engage in a lot of high-bandwidth activities.
(04 Mar 2014, 13:34 )NoDiceSoldier Wrote: [ -> ]You can get a year of VPN
How are you going to use it to access
Yeeeesss!!!!! The site is accessible from wifi in Kaufland! now!! If it's not temporary, my efforts were not in vain!!!!
Wow, even pornhub is working today 😁

The inspector

I’ve never had a problem accessing. I always flip into mobile data when at work. Best not to break policy, especially as the boss! Ha ha ha
Private Internet Access is perfect for this, just connect to the servers and surf freely, it's superb.
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