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Full Version: Rope, Straps, and others
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What is your favorite self bondage material?😁

I like rope for most self bondage. But I also like leather straps and rings as well.
With rope, I can enjoy myself, because when I struggle, the knots get tighter and tighter. That means, when my release comes, I will need a knife to get free.

With Leather straps, or belts, I can last long through the nite bound till the key drops, or I can see where the key has fallen.

I don't like handcuffs or the leg irons.

So, What do you like to use, and when?
I mostly use ropes, single glove and sleeping bag. I don't like handcuffs, because I have some very painful memories. Usually, when I have enough time and the right mood, I end up using ropes. Single gloves and sleeping bag are very predictable and there is exactly one way to wear them. Rope is much more flexible and exploring more possibilities always includes a tickling danger.
I like rope too. I think I have about 20 rolls in stock.
They come up on sale once in a while, and when they to, I buy 5 to 10 rolls.
When I was a kid I used leather belts, rope and twisted wire. Nowadays it's mostly rope and sometimes leather cuffs.