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Still not a fetish to me but... - Strappado - 14 Feb 2012

I am wearing skirts and about a year ago, I started doing that in public too. These days, it is a bit cold for just skirts on the legs and therefore I got used to the idea of adding leggings or pantyhose. So I am interested in this subject as well now. I was before, abusing pantyhose for self bondage and I also tried some cross-dressing with pantyhose, but this is different.

Funny enough, pantyhose and skirt on a man really add more than 1+1, at least, in my imagination - probably also in reality. In the meantime, I can't really tell, if wearing a skirt is more fun with bare legs or not. In a way it is, because it must be fairly warm, but that is not the point 😉 . I do not primarily wear skirts in public for fetish reasons. I like cross dressing to some point (undoing makeup is a pain anyway), but not in public. When I wear skirts in public, I make sure, I look okay as a man. It is a very comfortable garment and fairly safe in big cities - people often don't notice you or at least pretend not to, and most others are tolerant. However, in combination with pantyhose, I can't always avoid a CD-feeling - and why should I, as long as it is invisible to others (ok, borderline talk here, some people consider any man in skirt with any motives a crossdresser or even a criminal dangerous pervert). And I can't help preferring tighter skirts for their slightly restraining effects.

Sometimes it is a weird situation but I am sure, many fetishists, who like everyday items, have this delicate "trouble". Imagine a rain-coat lover having to wear a raincoat because it rains 😁 . Of course, it makes the "normal" wearing of things a little harder. Sometimes, people seem to be able to see right into your brain when they look at you (and yet, they probably don't, even if they have the same fetish).