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Single Glove Leotard - Strappado - 15 Aug 2011

This is about the toy described here:

I hope, there won't be too many new items like this in the blog, because I am really fond of this type of bondage and I ordered one, which arrived today. It looks nice, the material is some sort PU, very soft on the outside, rough but still soft on the inside, coming pretty close to real leather, except for the smell of course. The crotch is clearly designed for women, I will need to wear something underneath. The zipper looks strong and moves well, good!

My first quick attempt to put it on, was not successful. It is very difficult, to get the shoulder parts on, and so I attached strings to the rings on the collar. It helped a little bit, but then one of the rings went off. Then I had to leave for a while and now I am back. What follows is sort of a live report, meaning, that I am saving now, then try something, edit the post and save, and so on. So come back for more until you read my final conclusion.

By the way, there was no real communication with the seller, I told him some measurements and asked him to make the suit accordingly. I indicated arm length, torso length (both from top of the shoulder) and waist size. I think, I should have included the info that I am a man and I should have mentioned my shoulder width, but it looks like the shoulder part will fit. Despatch was two days after my payment (paypal, instant) and I got it after another two days, so that was fine.


Ok, this thing is a bit tight on the shoulders, but the main problem is to shift it up properly. The collar sits on my lower neck, impossible to close the zipper this way. I am going to punch a ring into the back of the collar, then attach a string to pull it up. So far, I could pull the zipper up 3/4 of the length. I might be able to get it higher, but instead, the zipper might break, so I won't try, until I got this glove into the right position. But the shoulders were covered and I had to wiggle a bit in order to get out again.

It might be helpful to wear a lycra top underneath, to reduce the friction. This was a little bit exhausting, but I am sure, I will give it another try later tonight.


Puh, sweating! I got the zipper closed until right below the collar. The collar is bent out and I could do nothing about it, although it is definitely wide enough. The method: I attached a string to both sides of the collar, one side to the ring, the other side to the hole, that exists since the other ring went off. I then attached this string to a hook on the wall, later on, I managed to grip it with my teeth, and that helped a lot. Between that pulling, I used my teeth to pull the string with the zipper up slowly, sometimes tooth by tooth. Finally, I managed to pull this zipper string through the collar string, to make sure, that the collar string would not get into the zipper, then pulled the zipper string over the handle of a drawer, bent down and pulled the string further by foot. All the time, I had to pull tight the crotch part of the leotard, it is waayyyyyyyy tooooooo looooong! It was fairly easy through the material of the arm bag.

Not sure, if the following image will help:

 leobag.jpg thumbnail   

03:08 (obviously the night)

A lycra leotard with long sleeves definitely makes things easier. The suit goes on like that, except for the collar, which still is flat to the sides. I think, the suit needs to be lifted on the back, but I leave that for tomorrow (ring on the collar backside, string etc.). For some reason, the "real feeling" isn't there yet, I suppose, it is triggered by the zipper going up completely. Apart from that, I am looking for ways to remove all strings after donning the suit successfully - and get the zipper string on again, once I want to get free.

Enough for this night, more later.

PS: This is definitely not "made to measurements", it is way too long. Well, better too long than too short though. I will ask the guy, if he can do better, including slightly wider shoulders - but that is for much later, my budget is exhausted for the moment.

RE: Single Glove Leotard - Strappado - 26 Aug 2011

No news, I can't get the zipper to close the collar, which is not satisfying. I think, the shoulders are a little bit too small for me and I wonder, if I can stretch the material a bit. I also think, that the opening of the arm bag should be slightly lower for men, it is right at my armpits. Because of this, and because of the trouble getting the collar up to the neck, putting this on, is a real hard and exhaustive task.

With a bit of adjusting, it should be quite useable for self-bondage. But it seems, that the seller on ebay can supply standard sizes only, and that is not good enough, at least not for me. If I had a tailor that I trust, he might be able to shorten the crotch part and use the spare material to widen the shoulders, but I don't. I might look around though, there should be some fetish tailors in Hamburg. For the moment though, the subject is closed. I will revert to it, if I have any new ideas.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please post them here.

RE: Single Glove Leotard - Like Ra - 26 Aug 2011

(26 Aug 2011, 03:04 )Strappado Wrote: I think, the shoulders are a little bit too small for me

Latex would be probably a better choice. But more expensive.

Is it possible to pull your shoulders back a bit inside the suit?

(26 Aug 2011, 03:04 )Strappado Wrote: that the opening of the arm bag should be slightly lower for men, it is right at my armpits.
Actually, if it does not hurt, it should be as high as possible to prevent any chances of escape. Especially if the material is stretchy. But in this case, it can be lower indeed.

(26 Aug 2011, 03:04 )Strappado Wrote: But it seems, that the seller on ebay can supply standard sizes only,
Probably the seller gets the suits from somewhere else...

RE: Single Glove Leotard - Strappado - 26 Oct 2011

Short update: Since this test was funded from my own wallet, I haven't given up completely. Several other tries showed, that the zipper would always stop at the lower end of the collar. Yesterday, I got a new idea: Many garments used in fetish have a front zipper ending the same way as this leotard, and so I tried with a lycra catsuit, attached a string to the zipper and tried to close it completely without using my hands. It failed too, same phenomenon, the collar part of the zipper opens out to the sides. Apparently I have to find a way to close the zipper as I would close it manually. Closing it manually, I pull out the zipper line a bit, then pull the slider towards my neck easily.

This calls for a device, that firmly holds the zipper line and then I might be able to pull the zipper up, accross one of my shoulders, or have a rod attached to the slider, that I can push up. I am not sure about the details yet, but it is a challenge to figure this out, at least in theory...

After posting this, I got another idea: A simple device similar to a vertical microphone stand, a little lower than my neck, and a notch that can hook into the ring attached to the slider of the zipper. Once hooked to the stand, I can move my neck away and down. Of course, this stand must be secured in some way, or it will fall - a string to a hook in the wall might do. I have a microphone stand, and so I am sure, that I will try this very soon...

RE: Single Glove Leotard - Like Ra - 26 Oct 2011

What about a firm rod sewn into the collar along the zip? It can be a piece (a tube?) of thick rubber, a metal spring (like in corsets) or something simple as a pencil.

RE: Single Glove Leotard - Strappado - 26 Oct 2011

Here are the latest news - I did try very soon! I put the microphone stand in front of a larg mirror and put on the leotard in the way, I described earlier, and closed the zipper as far as possible - up to right underneath the collar. With the aid of the mirror, it was fairly easy, to put the ring of the zipper slider over the top of the stand, where a short screw is protruding. That screw is much thinner than the rod of the stand, and so, the ring didn't slide down, when I pulled back and down. I secured the stand by simply stepping on one of its feet. And guess what, it actually worked the way I thought! I got the zipper closed completely. I enjoyed this for a while and explored the restraining ways of the leotard. It is snug, but comfortable, even the quite narrow shoulders are fine, because the material is slightly strechy - which I hadn't noticed earlier. The arms are firmly wrapped in the bag, only the part around the hands could be a bit tighter. But it is okay, and there is really no way out for the arms unless you take off the leotard completely, not even an end of a zipper to be pulled off (as it is in the bolero single glove). When I wanted to take off the leotard, there was a small - but expected - problem: The zipper can't be pulled down just like that, because the collar bends down like a turtle neck. but there was an easy way out: I put the front of my neck onto the top of the back of a chair to keep the collar straight, then pulled down the string with one of my feet. I did have such a solution in mind earlier, but frankly speaking, never tried it. I am glad, it worked. It would have looked quite silly to ask for help in this leotard with the dangling crotch and old, well visible and washed out underpants only 😁

Fazit: Yes, even this device is suitable for self bondage! My current method is not elegant, but it works. It leaves a string at the zipper slider as well as another one on the collar. The one on the collar is needed to pull the leotard into place, over the shoulders etc. But it only takes a minute or two to get in and zip up. The leotard fits well, except for the crotch length, renders the arms almost completely useless and should be comfortable for hours. As Likera said before, the material between back and arms should go up as far as possible, and it turned out, that this was not a problem. The zipper is strong too and can be left as it is. but it would be nicer to have a flap against it from the inside, because the zipper has a tendency to trap things like chest hair or neck skin, if you aren't careful; and it starts under the balls - perhaps nice for those who like severe pain, but that's not me.

Future: I think, I could even manage to put the leotard on without the string on the zipper, if I screw a few hooks into the back of a chair (stepwise closing). Of course, I would have to make sure, that the release would work too, but I am quite confident about that. Having the zipper in front, is good and bad at the same time. I have solved the bad part and now I can explore the good parts, especially the fact, that you can see it in a mirror. Furthermore, I wonder, if I could build some sort of gripping device - for example from a pair of pliers - that could be operated by string and feet. With that, I would even be able to close buckles etc., at least buckles, that I can manage to see. But at the moment, it will be enough to get rid of the zipper string; to be worked on during the next few days.

I will try to get a camera soon, in order to document this with a few pictures.

RE: Single Glove Leotard - Like Ra - 26 Oct 2011

What a progress!!! What a fun!

(26 Oct 2011, 19:17 )Strappado Wrote: dangling crotch and old, well visible and washed out underpants only

Usually I dress up properly - at least pantyhose + swimsuit underneath 😁

BTW, probably it would be a good idea to have a safety cutter reliably "bolted down" to something unmovable. Who knows what might stuck...

(26 Oct 2011, 19:17 )Strappado Wrote: I will try to get a camera soon, in order to document this with a few pictures.

As always, having pictures helps greatly!

RE: Single Glove Leotard - madjack - 27 Oct 2011

Strappado - what an excellent outcome

Well done for persisting in your attempts to overcome the problems.😁

It must have been really wonderful as the zip finally pulled everything tight.

I don’t know how you felt, but I always get a real thrill when first achieving some new self-bondage predicament, and the excitement always seems higher when you aren’t quite certain you can escape! Good2

Excellent post and look forwards to any photos you can publish… preferably without washed out underpants on view! Mocking


RE: Single Glove Leotard - Strappado - 27 Oct 2011

Yesterday was not a scenario, but pure engineering work, so I didn't bother to dress up properly 😉 .

I have aeady tested the correct overall length with pins and will sew it today. I also need to reinforce the string attachments on the collar. More, when I got the camera.

RE: Single Glove Leotard - Strappado - 01 Nov 2011

finally a quick instructions to put on this leotard without the help of someone else.

A few remarks first:

Please read the instructions completely, before trying this alone. Especially, if using your own methods, you might not have the tools to free yourself. I am not sure, how much force is needed to break out, but I am sure, that you can't get out without having a suitable method, a helper person or by breaking the leotard. Operating a zipper near your body is risky, it can be caught in your skin or hair. Once you start closing the zipper of this garment, you are slightly trapped aeady and any accident can be extremely annoying.

You need
- a key ring
- a chair with a suitably high back (see more in the description) and a screw mounted to the top of the back. The screw shaft should point up vertically and protrude no more than neccessary, i.e. enough to be able to hold the key ring. The screw head should be round and have no sharp edges, because you need to move your neck front against it.
- a string of at least 70 cm length (for a start, a string, that reaches from your neck to the floor will be even better and safer)
- another string of about 30 cm length
- a mirror to see what you are doing

Attach the key ring to the zipper slider, then attach the 70 cm string to the key ring. I will call this string "zipper string".

Attach the 30 cm string to the rings on the left and the right of the collar. It is possible, that 30 cm is too short, you need to experiment. I will call this string "collar string".

Step into the leotard, insert one of your arms into the arm bag, pull up as much as possible.

With the free arm, pull the collar string over your head, hold it with your teeth.

Now you can close the zipper a little bit aeady, making sure that it is past your crotch, balls etc. Then insert the free arm into the arm bag as well, taking care not to uncover the other arm more than necessary. The collar string should be just as long as to allow for this action. If it is longer, there is no real problem, but shorter is easier to handle. If it is too short, you won't be able to insert the second arm.

Now hook the collar string to the back of the chair and carefully pull the leotard over your shoulders. You might have to reinforce the ring attachments for this.

Start closing the zipper with the zipper string. Either grab it with your teeth, or hook it to the chair back. While carefully closing the zipper, re-adjust the shoulder parts of the leotard as described above. Once you reach the collar, you might be lucky and be able to move the zipper on, happened to me exactly once, when pulling the zipper string with my teeth. If not, you move to the next step. While doing this, you might have to grab the crotch of the leotard and pull it backwards, in order to get a straighter zipper line. WARNING: The zipper could catch some skin or body hair!

Hook the keyring of the zipper to the hook or screw on the back of the chair. For starters, this is much easier with the help of a mirror. Now slowly move your neck back and down at the same time. This should get the zipper line into a good position and let you close the zipper completely. Check in the mirror too. Do this with patience and be very careful not to catch your neck skin in the zipper. If you fail here, try another garment with a similar neck-zipper, use one hand to close it and observe exactly, how you succeed.

If you have followed the instructions up to here and didn't read on, you are trapped for the moment, because you can't simply pull down the zipper again. If not, or if you are tired of this situation, read on.

Apparently, the zipper cannot be pulled open the way you closed it. If you try, the collar will bend over like a turtle neck and the slider is pulled towards its final position only. Therefore, you need to support the collar. In order to do this, hook the keyring into the back of the chair again. Then gently push your neck against the chair and pull the zipper open until the slider has left the collar area. Now you can use the string to fully open the zipper.

Once the zipper is open, you are not automatically free. You probably need to pull off the shoulders first. This can be done with the collar string. Hook it to the chair again, then move it over your head by moving away from the chair and lowering your head. Turn around and then slowly move the shoulder parts off by pulling the string. I am using the top drawer or my desk, which is a very flat drawer - only about 5 cm high. I hook it into the zipper line at chest height and pull it open to the sides.
Possible improvements:

At first, I thought, the extra long crotch part was a disatvantage, but it can be shortened according to your needs. Attention: A shorter crotch makes it more dificult to put on the leotard. Don't cut off any material before you are sure, that everything is fine!

You can pull up the zipper beyond your crotch (and most sensible) area to avoid nasty accidents. You can even block it there with a few sewing stitches around the zipper line at the desired spot.

If you are confident, that you don't need the zipper string for release, you can use a string of double length, with an "ear" on each end, feed it halfway through the key ring on the zipper and hook both ears to the hook for operation. Unhook one ear to pull it out then. In a similar way, you could replace the collar string by two individual strings. But you will need to have both sides hooked in eventually and you will most probably need to use something similar to my drawer method, to release your shoulders and arms.

There are a couple of D-rings on the sides of the arm bag. You could use straps around your body to make a tighter bondage. But then, you also need a method to remove these straps in order to get free.

A chair with a thick rounded back might be the best for this purpose. A "blade-thin" back might not even work at all.

I could imagine an electromechanical device to hide or show the screw in the back of the chair, which is the central release tool. With some ingenuity, it shouldn't be hard to find an ice control as well. For example a self-tightening strap, that can be opened with an ice lock on the other side, to be put in place after tieing yourself up, and holding a cap over the screw...