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Swimsuit experience - belts and superglue - interocetor - 06 Feb 2011

My current thrill ride is extended, inescapable self-bondage in one piece swimsuits.

A recent session had me donning a very tight black high-cut tank Speedo.

The bondage is done with belting material (available in craft or fabric stores), five welded steel rings ( available in hardware stores), and superglue.

I loop each of two rings through a one foot piece of belting and wind the belting around my wrist, tying it off and sealing the knot with superglue. Once both wrists are done, I have a homemade pair of wristcuffs that can be secured together with a padlock.

I then put all sharp items out of reach, and use two other welded rings to set up an ice release by tying the padlock keys (one and another one as backup) to the rings, along with a weight, and putting them through a nylon stocking filled with ice cubes. The end of the stocking is secured high and out of reach. When the ice melts, the ring and key attached to it falls to the floor.

I then finish tying myself up: A stout belt goes around my waist after it is looped through another steel ring, centered in the small of my back. I tie my ankles together with more webbing, sealing the knot with superglue.

I make a short length of webbing into a loop and use it as a hogtie, securing one end to my ankle bondage, and passing the other end through the ring on the back of the belt. I then put my hands behind my back, and pass the padlock hasp through both wrist rings and through the hogtie loop.

I push the padlock shut and I am bound.

The hogtie only allows me to extend my legs about halfway, so I am stuck on the floor.

I have also tied twine through the hasp on the front of the belt, so that I can't undo the buckle. The superglue makes it impossible to pick the knots apart.

Having experimented with different numbers of ice cubes, I know I am bound for a good six hours.

I writhe around until I orgasm. Then of course I am desperate to get free, but escape is impossible. The frustration builds until horniness sets in again and so another orgasm shakes me. The cycle repeats until the key falls to the floor, permitting me to unlock the padlock securing my hands behind

I love the look and tight feel of the one-piece swimsuit.

Sometimes I add an old style bathing cap and swim goggles to add to the fetish look.

Yum, yum!

RE: Swimsuit experience - belts and superglue - Like Ra - 06 Feb 2011

Basically you make disposable cuffs and a belt every time, right? Interesting solution. All you need is a reel of sturdy strap, steel rings and super-glue. No bondage paraphernalia kept at home.

As a side note, if you have a sewing machine you can sew the cuffs directly on your limbs - no knots, no glue.

RE: Swimsuit experience - belts and superglue - interocetor - 06 Feb 2011

That's right - disposable cuffs, in effect. I found the belting material to be more comfortable than either handcuffs or rope. This way you can also have a third safety release via scissors or a knife.