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Selfbondage CD Tray Opener Simple Version - qwertybcn121 - 11 Nov 2010

Hi Hello again.

I haven't so much time to update the Selfbondage CD Tray Opener, but I've always wanted to release a simple version, as the first ones, that just makes the countdown and open the cd tray, and adding the security features of the normal versions (the battery level checking, the reboot blocking, the way it prevents the system to stand by or sleep...), and also with the users contributions that I've also included in the normal version (that will have their own releases, I'm not going to stop developing it)...

so here is it:
[Image: simpleversion.gif]

This version is perfect for those who doesn't have (or do not want to use) external teasing devices.
As you can imagine the way of using the program is putting a key on the CD Tray like this:
[Image: picture17w.jpg]
and put your laptop out of your reach.

It doesn't need to be installed to run (works perfectly from an USB, for example) and has been tested on WinXP and Vista.
Yet to be tested on Windows 7 (if anyone have one valid license to give it will be welcomed)
Yet to be tested on Win2K/NT (not sure if it will works)
And it will not work on WIN9X/Me

The program has an input where we must type how long we want to wait for the key releasing:
[Image: minutes.gif]

You can program sessions up to 900 minutes (15 hours!!).
If you input a longuer time than 900 minutes, the program will respond like that when you press Start:
[Image: timelimit.gif]
anyway, if you want a longuer limit just ask for it and I will change it.

You have to choose the minimun battery level allowed before opening the Cd Tray (you can choose between 10% and 90%)
As usual, please make sure it works fine with your battery or ups system doing a simple test (check your battery level, program a sesion marking a minimum battery level below the current level of your battery and as soon as you press START the program may open the CD Tray).
This is the battery input:
[Image: battery.gif]

And this is the warning message you'll get when the system is going to open the Cd tray due to low battery level:
[Image: safebatteryopen.png]

So you can play with your laptop conected to the AC, and if case of powerfailure the program will always open the Cd tray (due to the battery level or when the countdown reaches zero, the first thing that comes)

You also have to choose what CD Tray d'you want to be opened in the session:
[Image: cdtray.gif]

Clicking the Test button you can open the tray to check that the program recognizes it (and also to see if the key drops as you desired)
Please, before start a session make as many proves as you can!!

If we input a valid time and press START button we will get a screen with the countdown:
[Image: Sinttulo2.gif]

We can exit that screen and open the CDTray just pressing Esc on the keyboard or just closing the countdown window.

During the countdown the program plays a "beep" every second, it can be turned off unchecking this checkbox:
[Image: beep.gif]

Simple Version also has a "Random Time" option.
To use it you will have to input the maximun time that you want to play like a normal session here
[Image: minutes.gif]

and check:
[Image: randomtimenew.gif]

In this mode you have to type the minimum time you want to be tied (by default is setted at 1 minute)
Type the minimum waiting time in the random mode here:
[Image: randomtimenew.gif]

If you input the same time for maximun and minimum random time you will not get a countdown, the program will open the cd tray as soon as you press Start.

In random mode, the countdown screen will look like this:
[Image: aliencountdow2.gif]

Duirng the countdown, if you press the Escape button the program will Open the Cd Tray, and if you press the Espace bar the countdown will freeze for 10 minutes.

Simple Version runs external programs during the countdown

As this release is something ocasional and this simple version wouldn't be updated I've included a little feature to prevent the program getting older:

When the countdown starts the SBCTO will run any program called "1.exe" stored in the same folder that you have the SBCTO (it works even on USB).
And "1.exe" can be whatever you want:

-a program to run external devices as vibrators, arduino boards,webcams recording your session...
-motion detection programs that screams "Here is someone doing selfbondage!!!" when you move...

And this "1.exe" can be writted in any coding language, so imagination is the limit.

And when the countdown reaches zero the program will open the cd tray and will run any program called "2.exe" stored in the same folder where you have SBCTO , so maybe you can use "2.exe" to move a motor and release the key or decript an image for a combination lock... once again whatever you want.

If you dont have any program called 1 or 2 in the same folder, the program will work as usual, countdown... zero... Tray Opened

It would be nice if we make this thread a "1.exe and 2.exe oficial posting" Wink

Needles to say that SBCTO "normal" with the microphone and webcam features will still having updates (not as much as I would like), and it will include the ability of running external programs.

Once again let me apologize for my poor English.

Ops, and here are the links:

The program:

The source code (writted with autoit):

And the images used when compiling the program: