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Part 3: the service - ben63376 - 24 Sep 2010

part 3: the service
by ~ben63376

after the results of the day so far Jen, Erica and Jess, went back to Erica's house to figure out what to do about Jess's situation, as they drove away from Jess's house the cleaning service pulled down the street behind them.

the tree girls got out of the yellow mini van grabbed there supplies from the back and went to the door,
after no answer they unlocked the door and walked in, as it was for the past few days there was nothing to clean, the only thing different this time was the bed was not made, but this was not in there job description,
so they did as they had for the past few days, kill time so they would get payed for there usual time spent there,
Sarah ([|] the one with dark brown hair) thinking back to the experience they had only about a week ago when they showed up here,
she felt different than her two co-workers about the whole thing, she liked the way it felt when she was bound and then carried to the back of that van, and wanted to be like that again.

when her co-workers were not looking she took a piece of paper from the desk and wrote a note, then slipped in to the bedroom and put it in view of one of the cameras that she saw the other man install, she then walked back to her co-workers as they were about ready to leave, she grabbed what she had come with and left with them.

saw Sarah writing her note and read it after she left it in front of the camera:

please call this number after 5 PM 😟375)-734-7653

thank you


he called it... right then

they had just shut the back of the van when her phone rang, she told them she would be right there and to wait please wait for her in the van, she piked up the phone:

Sarah: hello?

BEN: now was i suppose to wait until after 5 or before 5

Sarah: well we may as well talk now

BEN: good good, so what did you want with me?

Sarah: well i umm.... i wanted to... BEN cut her off and said: dont worry i will help you with your... problem ~click~

he hung up!! she tough as a flushed look came to her face and thought: WHAT HAVE I GOT MY SELF IN TO!!!

she got in the van with her co-workers and they continued there usual work.

she clocked out at the office got in her car and drove to her home and got there just before 5 pm she walked up to her door and there was a note that read: if you are still interested leave your back door unlocked before you go to sleep.

both shocked and upset at this, her back door's lock had been broken for over a month, now feeling traped she went in her house and tried to find a way to block her back door, but she found that her chairs were too tall and she had nothing heavy in her home, at least nothing she could move in front of the door.

so defeated she went to bed to await her fate, at 10 PM she awoke to a noise on the other side of the room, she rose and turned on the light on her night stand and jumped when she saw BEN standing there wearing jeans and a leather jacket he said: like i said you have passed the point where you can blackout, so do as i say and nothing happens to you,

she simply nodded her head somewhat shocked

he then said now go out in to your living room

he flowed her there ad said: here are some gifts for you, i will contact you as to when to use them but tonight im going to help you,

but i know that you want to be forcefully bound so im going to help with that "need" of yours, so im going to forcefully make you give up all control to me and of what you might ask?,

Sarah: ummm yess? what? she said in a small voice

BEN: all your pleasure, sarah's eyes went wide when he held up the chastity belt, with the rather large inserts, [Sarah was not completely innocent she has seen one before and dreaded them]

Sarah: SAY WHAT!! you want me to wear that!!! good luck getting it on me

BEN: good luck stopping me

a struggle broke out and in 15 seconds flat Sarah was on the floor in leg spreaders and a stock that held her arms out and had a collar in the middle he then attached some extra bars to the out side of the leg spreaders that went to the bar from her neck to her wrists on both sides and it held her spread out flat,

barely able to struggle she lay and cry and blush in her prison while BEN was in the proses of doing something to the belt
he asked her how long she worked in the day and how many days then he gagged her and finished quickly

BEN: ok now this wont hurt, she then started to get frantic and jerk back in forth against the bars but her struggle was fruitless
calm down before you hurt your self there's nothing you can do to stop me form putting this on you, all you can do is delay the inebtable, and i dont think you can keep it until tomorrow night.

but she was determined as hell to stop him.

he got down and said to her: now i need to take your clothes off, dont worry you can keep your bra and panties for now.

so he removed her night clothes with a knife her clothes consisted of baggy fleece pants and a t-shirt living her in her bra and panties then he said: dont worry i will get you some more night wear [he said with a devious look in his eye]

BEN: NOW i have to make this one for you on the spot for you.i just knew you would end up bound and i would not get it on you if i made it before hand, he pulled out some very thick latex {RED} that was cut in parts to make a leotard and pulled out some latex glue {this is an actual technique for making latex clothing (altho usually not on a person and this one has no zipper or any way to take it off)} and got to work

the leotard came to shape as he lay it on top of her there were holes one at the crotch and one in the back side
Sarah starting to get more frantic again as she saw the holes and realised she would be wearing it for a while and also seeing that there was no means to remove it.

BEN: now i must remove your panties and bra but i have something to keep you modest{Sarah both frightened and confused at the politeness of him}

he took out 3 very thick latex pads one was long and there were two round ones and some super glue...

he removed her bra and stuck the two pads over her nipples wet with the glue and bonding almost instantly then doing the same with her panties and over her cilt, cutting her panties at the waist bad on each spot he said: hmm looks like you are enjoying this more than i tough(he said looking at the small wet spot in her panties) i think its time for a new gag dont you.

Sarah not grasping what was about to happen as he ungagged her [with duct tape and panties in hand] when she was un gagged she said: please dont put tha... MMMUHHHP!!!! MMHHHPP PHHHM!!!! [RIPPP TEAR SLAPP] (translated would have been her innocent: dont put that chastity belt on me! never suspecting what had just happened) now with a passive look on her face trying to hope he did not just do what she thinks he did but then realizes: HE DID!!!!!!!

now a strange look on her face BEN says: those taste good? you know i think you like them better then the ones my friend gave you last week. when me and your friend had a talk in the back of the van, i saw how you looked at me.

NOW back to buissness...

he then continued putting the leotard together around her, it fit nice and smooth over her skin,

when he finished and looked her in the eyes and said: well time for the fun part of the leotard.

he left and came back with what looked like a bottle of skin lotion. he said: this will make the "latex (like material)" tighten, he then proceeded to rub it all over the leotard that was now tightly glued together and getting tighter by the second..

BEN: ok that just reduces in waist size by 2 inches, ohhh it seams you will have more fun than i hoped, i forgot to remove the latex glued to your nipples, that will start to give make you hornier after a few days of your nipples being glued down and untouchable, you should feel lucky i can still remove the other one.

as he did that she started to struggle again as she realized what was coming next.

BEN with no subtlety slid in the dildo and butt plug and closed the belt on the struggling form.

the screen on the belt lit up to show time from lock and nothing else lit on the screen yet.

Sarah gave up as the part she had feared was over for her and could do nothing about it

BEN: now i have some special attachments for the leotard [he held up an arm binder like the ones the other three girls were wearing last week] he fitted the collar around her neck after removing the stock bar from her neck and locked it in place,

then her arms from the stock and put them in the binder (no longer protesting only sitting there regretting the note she had riten to him that afternoon)before he locked her arms up in it he had another surprise for her, there were latex straps that were attached to latex socks with locking cuffs at the top he put them on her and the straps secured over her arms.

then he pushed up on her arms and CLICK. the timer lit on the back to show: touch unlock, in the little screen.

BEN: now if you dont find your way out of this by Monday night i will be back to free you.

Sarah snapped out of her state of mind as she remembered that it was only Friday, she started to violently yank and pull on her bonds on the floor in a hog tie position as Ben set up a video camera, turned it on and walked out the door