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Introduction Wolpertinger - Wolpertinger - 12 Mar 2024

Hello people, then I would like to introduce myself.
I'm currently 59 and I've liked spandex since puberty.
I particularly like thong bodies and leggings.
I only wear spandex in everyday life and everyone accepts it because it has been “my outfit” for many years.
I have been paralyzed and in a wheelchair since 1999 after a motorcycle accident. Since I've retired, I've been able to devote even more time to my desires.
I've been with a really great woman for 7 years and married her last year.
She loves me as I am and supports me with my rare hobby. We have a lot of fun together and enjoy taking photos in our spandex.
So, that's it for the first one.

Greetings Wolpertinger from Ulm, Germany

RE: Introduction Wolpertinger - no smile - 13 Mar 2024

Wow, your story made my day.

Welcom on board

RE: Introduction Wolpertinger - Like Ra - 13 Mar 2024

Yes, you are very welcome!